11:28 PM

A jury in Stone County found a former Lawrence County resident not guilty of the 2009 forcible rape of a fellow Miller high school student.

Prosecutors told jurors that Darin L. Clark raped E. A. who was then 15 years-old on a rainy October night when he pinned her between a seat and the door.  The girl told jurors that she snuck out of her father's house and met Clark at the end of the driveway.  She testified that Clark ripped her clothes off and held her down while he got a condom out of a counsel in the middle of the vehicle, tore it open with his teeth, put it on and then forcibly raped her.

Clark, who is now 22, testified that the woman texted him directions to her father's house and told him to flash his lights to signal that he was there.

Both Clark and the woman told jurors they drove around until torrential rain made driving hazardous and they pulled in near the entrance to Gray's Point Cemetery.

Clark told jurors that he asked the woman if he could perform a sexual act on her and she took her clothes off and climbed over to his side of the car while he put the condom on.

He said they moved to the passenger side of the car because the space became cramped.

The girl told a friend about the alleged sexual assault the day after it happened, but it wasn't reported for nearly two years until she told a teacher about the incident and she hot lined a call to authorities.

Clark is also facing another forcible rape charge.  A trial date for that case has not been scheduled.