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Photo: Dawnell Lebow and Dallas Howard
Dawnell Lebow and Dallas Howard

Not many people can say they have played in the Softball World Series, but two teens from the area can add that impressive milestone to their future college resumes.

Dawnell Lebow, 16, and Dallas Howard, 15, who have played softball together since they were four years-old, recently traveled to Tulsa to take part in the series as part of the STING team in the 16 and under tournament.  "The best game we had was when we came back in the last inning and won 5 to 1," said Lebow.

Teams from Carthage, Bolivar, Kansas City and Fayettville took part in the regional series, according to the girls.

The girls, who both attend Galena High School, say "it was pretty cool" to take part in the event that only a couple hundred players from throughout the country get to play in.

"Being on a team helps build character," said Howard.  "When you're on a team you want to help push everyone to do their best."

The girls say they weren't pigeonholed into the positions they usually play this summer and are thankful they got the experience to step out of their comfort zone and look forward to sharing what they learned with their high school teammates.

"We've played with the same people for a couple years now and we have some new sports that will be offered this coming year, so there is a lot more school spirit," said Lebow.

Both girls, who want to enter the medical field, want to attend college in Missouri.  Mizzou is on Howard's dream list of schools to attend.  C of O for Lebow.

"We work better together than we do apart," Howard said of her life long friend.