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Jessica White

Crane alderwoman Jessica White and her family have filed a federal lawsuit in connection to an altercation with two Stone County deputies last year.

The federal lawsuit alleges that White, her husband Jordan and father-in-law Donnie White were unlawfully detained when Deputy Taylor Jenkins and former Deputy Brandon Flack used excessive force when arresting them on May 5, 2012.  The incident stemmed from an arrest the deputies were making in the driveway of the White's home.  The White's claim they were told they could not enter their home and when one of the deputies talked in a disparaging manner to Jessica White - Jordan White told him not to talk to his wife that way and the incident escalated.

The White's former attorney Dale Wiley released a tape that was taken during the melee showing Donnie White and Jordan White being tasered repeatedly. Former Sheriff Richard Hill, Flack, Jenkins, et al (and others) filed a defamation lawsuit against the White's and Wiley.  That case was dismissed without prejudice.

The federal lawsuit names Brandon Flack, Taylor Jenkins, Stone County Missouri, former Sheriff Richard Hill, and the Stone County Commission as defendants.  
According to those documents, "
Sheriff Hill has trained, and/or allowed others to train, his deputies to use force, so as to create, and/or try to create, an atmosphere of “fear” by Stone County residents and citizens, in their interactions with Stone County deputies."

Other allegations include "inadequate training and instruction of employees on the proper use of police power, proper investigation, proper initiation of criminal charges, proper use of force, and arrests," and that Hill allowed others to alter investigative reports.  

Flack has been named in several other lawsuits that allege he used excessive force while making arrests.

Jessica White suffered a knee injury that required surgery, according to the newly filed lawsuit.  Court documents say the Jordan and Donnie White were also injured in the incident.

Attorney Steve Garner is representing the White's in the federal lawsuit.  "We're looking for a fair and reasonable damages for the physical, mental and emotional damages my clients suffered," he said.  "We're in discussions with the insurance company for the county."

The state trials of Jessica White, who was charged with misdemeanor assault of a law enforcement officer--Jordan White and Donnie White, who are each charged with resisting arrest, was postponed earlier this month and is now scheduled to be held on September 5th.