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A civil law suit brought by family members of a child who was sexually abused while attending Kanakuk Kamp is scheduled to be heard early next year.
The lawsuit listsK-Kamp, Inc. (formerly known as Kanakuk Kamp, Inc.) and Kanakuk Ministries, owner Joe White and former employee Peter Daniel Newman, et. al (and others) as defendants in the lawsuit is scheduled to begin on January 27, 2014 unless some other agreement is reached before then.
Newman, a former camp leader is serving two life sentences plus 30 years for sex crimes against children who were enrolled in the Branson based Christian sports camp.

Peter Daniel "Pete" Newman (mug shot MDOC)

The case, which was moved to Christian County on a change of venue, alleges that the owner of the facility, Joe White, and the director of the camp, Kris Cooper, were aware of Newman's nude bible studies and other sex acts he committed against children as early as 2000 but continued to employee him until criminal charges were filed against him in 2009.
The plaintiff, who is identified in court filings as John Doe to protect  his identity, was 12-years-old at the time of the sexual assaults.  He claims he has been psychologically and spiritually damaged as a result of the abuse.
"Psychological testing of John Doe indicates that he suffers from severe depression and ongoing anxiety as a result of the abuse imposed upon him by the defendants,” and “Significant concern exists regarding John Doe’s potential to commit suicide," court records claim.
The documents state that John Doe is confused about his sexual identity and has not been able to have a long term relationship with a female because his first sexual experience was with Newman, and that White and other leaders of the camp did not protect him while he was in their care.
Doe seeks a “judgment against the defendants, and each of them, for a sum that is fair and reasonable in an amount that exceeds the jurisdictional minimum of this court, for punitive damages in an amount sufficient to punish each defendant and to deter future misconduct."  He has also asked that the plaintiff's pay his attorney fees.
A similar case that was filed against Kankuk Kamp in Texas was settled after one day of mediation, according to court records.  Kanukuk has until May 29th to finalize that agreement or the case could proceed to trial or be dismissed.