5:13 PM

Rufus Church

It was four years ago today that Rufus Church was found murdered in the car dealership he owned in Ozark.

And in that four years there still remain more questions than answers in the businessman's death.  There have been no arrests and very little information about Church's homicide have been released.

An employee found Church dead from a shotgun blast to the chest in the service area of Ozark Dodge when he arrived for work about 6:30 a.m. 

According to a search warrant return, the murder weapon was found within the business.  The search warrant also says investigators recovered broken glass inside the dealership. Detectives also collected blood, hair, guns, shell casings, cell phones, computers and other documents looking for leads in the case.

At one point during the investigation, Christian County Coroner Arthur Adams amended the original death certificate from homicide to pending investigation. Before his resignation, Adams said he amended the death certificate "after information was brought to me by the Highway Patrol and the Ozark Police Department."
The dealership has since closed and another dealership that Church had an interest in near downtown Ozark also closed following the death of his former business partner Donald R. Burk who was killed in a fatal car crash in November of 2009. 

In an interview shortly after Burks death former Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek said, "Nobody was taken off the radar in the Rufus Church death investigation...and that included Burk".
The Ozark Police Department turned their investigation over to the Missouri Highway Patrol who say the investigation into Church's homicide is ongoing and "active."  An FBI profiler has also assisted in the case.