5:38 PM

Renee Michelle Adams (mug shot SCSO)

A woman from Galena has been charged with possession of a controlled substance after a man contacted authorities to say that Renee Michelle Adams allegedly stole 109 Hydrocodone from him on January 14th.

When Deputy Mark Rinker went to 650 Baker Hole Road Adams gave him consent to search her home and vehicle, according to court documents.

Rinker found a single, uncapped syringe containing a clear liquid in the top left dresser drawer in Adams bedroom and two syringes in the woman's purse. In a further search of the home, Rinker found three Hydrocodone tablets in a basket under the kitchen sink. 

"Renee said that she put the three tablets in the basket that was setting on the kitchen table and then put them under the sink when she saw me arriving at the house," Rinker wrote in the probable cause statement used as the basis for the charge.

Adams is being held on $20,000 and is due back in court this week.