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Jessica White

A pre-trial conference has been scheduled for February 5th for Crane city official charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer last May.

No trial date has been set in the cases of alderwoman Jessica White, her husband Jordan or father-in-law Donnie "Stick" White, which will be tried together.  Jordan and Donnie White were charged with resisting arrest following an altercation with deputies, whom the White's claim used excessive force during their arrests, in front of the couples home.

The White's were arrested after Jessica White's cousin, Brittany Barnett was pulled over for a traffic violation in the White's driveway. Her husband, Thomas Barnett, was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Brittany Barnett pleaded guilty to assault of a law enforcement officer in November was placed on five years probation.

The White's arrived at their home while the arrest of the Barnett's were underway and they say the were ordered to stay outside their home and were confronted by officers who did not have a warrant or any reason to detain them. The White's maintain that two Stone County deputies used excessive force when they attempted to arrest them.

Brittany Barnett pleaded guilty to assault of a law enforcement officer in October.  She was placed on one year probation and ordered to perform 20 hours of community service.

The Missouri Attorney General’s office was appointed as special prosecutor in the case to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest of the Stone County prosecutors office due to the allegations against the deputies.


Anonymous said...

And still in office , how classy !! I'd love to see you do prison time on this, or some county jail time, which neither will happen but it would be nice. Lead by example, such a great city government official.........