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The murder trial of Teri Dean-Morrison, which was moved to Jasper County on a change of venue,  is scheduled to get underway on June 3rd.

Dean-Morrison is charged with second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, armed criminal action and hindering prosecution for her part in the death of Carl Glenn Anderson who was last seen at a gathering at Dean-Morrison's home near Hootentown in late February.  Anderson's remains were found on property belonging to Earl Kearney, a former boyfriend of Dean-Morrison's in March.

Carl Anderson

Judge Alan Blankenship moved the case of Eugene Crider, who is facing the same charges as Dean-Morrison, to Newton County.  Cheryl Crawford's murder trial is scheduled to begin on September 9th in Laclede County, where it was moved on a change of venue.  Both Crider and Crawford's cases will be revisited on February 13th.

Blankenship says he hopes to conduct motion hearings and pre-trial conferences in the alleged murderers cases in Stone County to help ease the burden of defense attorney's and prosecutor Matt Selby.

An attorney representing Krystal Buras, of Spring, Texas, who is charged with tampering with physical evidence for allegedly removing items from Crider's truck that authorities believe were used in the commission of Anderson's murder, appeared for her on November 13th.  A plea or trial date is expected at Buras' next appearance, which is scheduled for December 10th.

Krystal Nicole Buras


Anonymous said...

I like your blog very much but some of the things you have reported on this case are just plain gossip or not true. First of all Teri Dean and Cheryl Crawford were not in anything but a friend relationship as well as Willie and Carl you insinuate in this blog earlier she was in intimate relationships with all of them and she was not. Teri had 3 boyfriends and two had ended before this so only one she was still with was Earl Kearney. He was not a former boyfriend as you keep reporting. They had been seeing each other for many years and when he was in MO always did. He gave her the home on Akita Run and gave her a few hundred every month so why she was seeing him. No matter how bad she is the truth is the truth so why report just anything and everything someone tells you? I am not talking about the opinions on here I am talking about what you post yourself.

Kathee Baird said...

Sorry, but multiple sources have told me that Teri and Cheryl were lovers. If I had only been told that by one person I would take it with a grain of salt....but too many people have said the same thing.

As far as Kearney, I was told by Sheriff Richard Hill he was a former boyfriend of Teri's. But your version makes sense since he called LE and told them to quit bugging Teri.

Would love to chat with you and get your take. My phone number is 281-901-4786.


Anonymous said...

I am sure the sources think is true as did get Teri and Cheryl a lot of money and drugs from the men who liked the idea but all it was on Teri's part. You have my # as well.

Anonymous said...

You know those people shouldn't say it unless they saw it and I know the did not. This is the truth Teri would never have sex with Cheryl. Cheryl is a lesbian and obsessed with Teri so would in a heartbeat but Teri is not a lesbian so there is one reason if she was she would never sleep with someone with as bad of body as Cheryl has she is too weight conscious. Cheryl use to be morbidly obese and it isn't a pretty sight. Teri doesn't even like Cheryl she just needed her like all the men she used. Cheryl doesn't care she sees it as her fault, so that is another reason. The only thing Teri did was kiss Cheryl because it served it's purpose and only when it did.
Teri had sex when she had to with Earl and Ron Leffel only to get money from them. There was a young man she had dated she enjoyed and the love of her life ex husband Brad who begged her to go back with him last Nov. right in front of me so I know he did she refused because she couldn't give up the meth he died of a drug overdose next day and that sent her spiraling out of control and within a few month had lost her job and this had happened. I don't know what happened in that house exactly but I know why and it has to do with money and drugs. I warned her not to have Gene there but she knew using men makes them angry and so thought he would be protection.
As for Richard Hill well he seems overly concerened with lesbian sex rumours and not facts. Facts are meth addicts do whatever they can to get money for meth Teri and Cheryl are no different except they seem to be able to get men to give them a lot more than most and give very little back of course men don't like it when they figure out they got nothing or little in return. But they don't have clean hands or intentions either or would be easier to sypmathise.

Kathee Baird said...

@ anon 11-25 @ 7:25 p.m. - I thought I had stored your # in my cell, but for some reason it didn't keep it. Could you text me it. I had some things I thought you would want to know, but they are pretty much laid out here.