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Lance David Blanchette (mug shot SCSO)

A man from Shell Knob has been charged with burglary, deviate sexual assault, forcible sodomy and domestic assault.

Authorities in Stone County say Lance David Blanchette, 43, allegedly broke into his estranged wife's home at 530 County Line Road, which is on the Stone/Barry County line, on September 26th.

According to the probable cause statement, Blanchette grabbed the woman, threw her on a bed and sexually assaulted her.

Blanchette, who had been texting the woman asking if she wanted to have sex, allegedly admitted to authorities that he broke into the house and threw the woman on the bed, but said he only removed her pajama bottoms to "view a tattoo."

Blanchette, who is being held on a $50,000 cash only bond, is due back in court on November 6th.


Anonymous said...

This is a lie. This man is my uncle and his wife got caught cheating, and instead of admitting it, she ruined his life instead. She's a drug addict and crashed her car in a ditch from drinking and driving and ran from the scene. She said she got the tattoo with her brother but it turned out she was with the man she cheated with. He posted picture on his facebook of her getting the tattoo. This is one of the nicest men anyone would ever meet and would never do what she said. She had him locked out and he came to get his stuff from the house. She waited to let him until noone was around. He had to break the window to get in. She went to green forest for an hour or so after the "assault" had happened, came back to shell knob, and THEN called the cops and had him arrested at a friends house. My family are in the hole because we worked so hard to get him out. He doesn't deserve this, and this article should have never been posted without his permission. I just hope any person who thinks he truly did this will be convinced otherwise, considering the personal life of this woman and the way she runs her household, and the way he runs his. Please do not remove my comment. There is no reason why her side should be posted and his should be hidden away. That's the reason he went to jail in the first place.