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Nicholas Hornback (mug shot SCSO)

A man from Republic has been placed on two years on probation after pleading guilty to a charge of attempted child endangerment.

Twenty-five year old Nicholas Hornback was originally charged with two counts of sexual misconduct involving a child under 15 after he sent nude photo's of himself to a Stone County detective posing as a 13 year-old girl on two separate occasions last year. Prosecutors say he voluntarily completed a sex offender treatment program.

He was also sentenced to 100 hours of community service. He will not have to register as a sex offender.


Anonymous said...

He didn't do anything wrong.

He wasn't talking to a 13 year old.

A good lawyer would have gotten him off this bogus "crime." Ridiculous waste of money for cops to be sitting around posing as 13 year olds!

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure...
I'm pretty positive that if he knew he was communicating with an undercover officer he wouldn't have sent nude photos of himself. I'd say it's probably a good thing it wasn't a 13 year old child. These are the makings of a sexual predator. I think this sicko should have gotten something a bit more harsh but hey thats just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

No he wasnt talking to a 13 year old but HE THOUGHT he was which is the whole point in a sting operation. And NO not a waste of money nor is this a "bogus crime". I think it is wonderful that the cops are trying to catch these guys. I sure do not want one of them contacting my daughter and trying to pursuade her into doing things a 13 yr old shouldnt be doing. And yes i know kids are not innocent but that doesn't mean it is ok for a man to send a young girl nude pics!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've known this young man for a long time. There is ALWAYS more to the story than what any news story implies. It's highly unusual for a charges like this to end up not having to register as a sex offender. This judge was convinced it was not necessary. Judges are not easily swayed in these types of cases. There's too much at stake for them. So, that speaks volumes for him. The "original charges" were not the final charges. At least this website gives some information on how the case played out. When a person is not found guilty of what they were charged with, that rarely gets put out there. Most "arrest" stories on the internet stay there forever, condemning people as guilty for the rest of their life,even if their legal record does not.

Anonymous said...

Went to school with him. He was a pig then and is STILL a pig now.