11:27 AM

A Fire Marshal with the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District recently experienced something "that makes you feel alive."

Mike Creswell responded to a call after receiving word from one of his firefighters that a dazed owl was sitting in the middle of Highway 13 near Heaven's Way. Melissa Coker told Creswell that the owl appeared to be injured.

When Creswell arrived, a citizen, Mrs. Sargent, was attempting to help the owl. Creswell used his sweatshirt and Mrs. Sargent coat to cover the dazed bird, and his rescue gloves to protect his hands from the animals sharp talons. Creswell was unable to contact a Conservation Agent for guidance when Sargent asked him to photograph the beautiful bird.

After a quick photo session, Creswell was headed back to his vehicle to transport the owl to a veterinarian when nature took its course and the owl flew into nearby trees.

"Every day our members and staff dedicate their lives to help this community and all of the people and animals we come in contact with mean something special to us. I am proud to be a part of this department, we deal with death and destruction so much that it’s a great day when we can help make a difference, said Creswell.

Creswell is asking for help in identifying what type of owl it is. "It was one of those moments that makes you feel alive and makes you realize how fragile life is and to take a second to lend a hand even to the smallest of God’s creatures."


Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful creature. Truly amazing.

Unknown said...

Concerning the owl, I done a little research and it's my opinion this is a barred owl. I determined this by comparing it's size, color, mask and markings. I love all of God's creatures and it warms the heart when I'm reminded of others out there who feel the same way!