5:45 PM

Willette Roman, Jo Scott, Connie Johnson, Debbie Bridges, MCB Judge's Bonita Couch and Robert Couch, Paula Stewart, Jeff Barber, Elaine Strope, George Scott
Community leaders in Galena with an eye on the future were recently recognized by the Missouri Community Betterment Association.

The Galena Vision of Hope submitted the following projects to the MCB for consideration of an award that will be handed out next month; The Library Summer Reading Program, The Drury Vision for Galena Plan, Hula Hoop Night at the Park, The Galena Community Garden and the Historical Society 160th Anniversary of Stone County Parade. Veterans were honored at the Anniversary parade.

As part of the summer reading program, children would read to therapy dogs in an effort to maintain reading skills. Hula Hoop night brought dozens of kids to the park and children learned how to maintain a garden and were taught "that food just doesn't come from a grocery store."

Jeff Barber of the University of Missouri Extension headed The Drury Vision for Galena. He told judges Bonita and Robert Couch the "Tri Town" area that includes Reeds Spring, Galena and Crane need to identify and create an are that will attract people to the commuinty. Part of the objectives would be a community cleanup initiative to re-instill pride in the community and to analyze the strengths of the community like the Y-Bridge and old courthouse in Galena.

"This program makes it possible for communities the size of ours to share successful events and projects with other communities and for us to use ideas from their communities, " said Connie Johnson. Johnson also announced that the group was recently awarded a "Paint the Town Grant" that the group will use to beautify the community next year.

The Missouri Community Betterment Association will announce the winners at the 49th annual MCB conference on October 21st.