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Disturbing details have emerged in the case of three people charged in Stone County with the murder of Highlandville man earlier this year.

Newly unsealed search warrant application and returns say Teri Dean-Morrison and Cheryl Crawford went to the home of Carl Anderson when he was missing to retrieve an "eight ball of meth."

The forty six year-old man's family reported him missing on February 25th after he failed to return home after going to Dean-Morrison's home near Hootentown on February 23rd to make repairs. 

Anderson's family members told detectives that they could not reach him on his cell phone, which he always kept with him because his mother Ruby Stutesman , whom he cared for, was in poor health and "he would not want to be out of reach in case something would happen to her."  They also told investigators that Anderson had "multiple health issues" and relied on prescription medication to manage those problems.

On February 27th Dean-Morrison told Christian County detective Brad Cole that she, Crawford and a neighbor/friend, Janie Wanglie, had lunch with Anderson at Bumstead's in Nixa before Crawford took them to "her and Teri's house" at 263 Akita Run.  Dean-Morrison said shortly after they arrived, Anderson began complaining about pain and asked her to go to his house and retrieve medication. 

Carl Glenn Anderson

Dean-Morrison told Cole that she and Crawford went to Anderson's house together where his sister, Vicki Lewallen, retrieved a single dose of Anderson's medication from a shed and she returned to her home and gave Anderson the medication. 

Lewallen told investigators that when she opened the outbuilding "she pointed out Carl's prescription medication but Teri wanted something else and pointed to a ledge near the inner roof line of the outbuilding.  Vicki said she reached up and retrieved an eight-ball of meth and handed it to Teri," according to court records.

Lewallen says Dean-Morrison asked Crawford "if that was all they were supposed to get." To which Crawford, who was standing near her vehicle replied..."I don't know nothing."

Dean-Morrison says that shortly after the women returned with the medication "Carl became upset because several people, including Cheryl, owed him money for services provided.  Teri said she had a brief verbal argument with Carl, stating that Carl owed her over two thousand dollars."

Sources say Dean-Morrison and Crawford were allegedly involved in an intimate relationship

When investigators searched the outbuilding where Anderson's prescription medication was kept, they found methamphetamine paraphernalia and a Nartec test ampule that is commonly used by law enforcement agencies to conduct field tests for the presence of meth.

According to one of the returns, Dean-Morrison says that Anderson changed his mind about attending her son's basketball game in Spokane and she returned him to his mother's home about 4:30 p.m. on February 23rd.  Crawford says she didn't accompany them and instead met Dean-Morrison at a convenience store in Spokane and from there they went to the basketball game.

However, after investigators received Anderson's cell phone records it was determined that one of the last transmissions from the phone was registered to a wooded area near Dean-Morrison's home about an hour after Dean-Morrison said she returned Anderson to his mother's home.

On March 4th, Stone County Detective Mike Denton accompanied Christian County authorities to Dean Morrison's home to investigate Anderson's disappearance and noted that carpeting had been replaced and was, "so new that it had not even been nailed to the tack strips used to hold the carpet in place."  Denton stated, "an exterior living room window was replaced earlier that day and shattered glass was found on the front porch," according to the documents.

Dean-Morrison's home at 263 Akita Run

When a search warrant was executed on Dean-Morrison's property on March 6th, authorities observed "a large amount of blood spatter" in Dean-Morrison's bedroom.  They also noted that carpet in the master bedroom was new, as were the bedroom windows.  "Numerous blood stains were found on the ceiling, ceiling fan, bedroom wall and other areas of the bedroom."  Additional blood was found on a wall separating the master bedroom from the living room.  Denton writes in the documents, "I observed that someone had attempted to clean these areas and repaint the ceiling."

Investigators found a broken window frame with dried blood on it in the laundry room of the house, a broken door frame with blood on it and a piece of broken wooden trim with dried blood during the execution of the warrant. "The blood sample(s) were sent to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory for identification purposes and on March 9th it was determined that the blood belonged to Carl Anderson.
Authorities found receipts for household cleaning supplies, ceiling texture, windows and carpet from Wal-Mart and Lowe's, dated within 24 hours of Anderson's disappearance, in the search. An Oklahoma toll receipt, dated around the time that Anderson went missing, was also observed in Crider's truck.

When Eugene "Gene" Crider, who lived in a camper trailer on Dean-Morrison's property, was first questioned by authorities he denied having any knowledge or involvement in Anderson's disappearance.  However, in the search on March 6th, authorities found him to be in possession of a receipt dated February 24th from Wal-Mart in Ozark for cleaning supplies and repair items found in Dean-Morrison's bedroom.  Detectives also observed a gas can and shovel, a pair of tennis shoes, pieces of broken glass and drywall debris in the bed of Crider's pickup truck during the search, according to court documents.

Using the receipts as a reference, authorities obtained security videos from the stores and found that Crider had accompanied Dean-Morrison when she purchased the remodeling supplies.

On March 5th, a confidential informant told authorities that a man named "Willy" killed Anderson because he was jealous of the relationship between Anderson and Dean-Morrison.  The CI told investigators "it was not right what happened to Carl.  He said "there had been an altercation at Teri's residence and he didn't know what they did with Carl after that."  When Stone County Detective Shawn Fields asked Dean-Morrison if "Willy" killed Carl she allegedly said "she didn't know." 

"I advised Teri that I knew Carl was killed in her house and that she knew who did it.  I again asked Teri if Willy killed Carl.  Teri made direct eye contact with me and stated, NO."  Dean-Morrison asked Fields if she could call him on March 7th to discuss the case further....that call never came, according to the newly released documents.

When deputies went back to talk to Dean-Morrison, Crider and Crawford the trio had disappeared. They were arrested March 9th near Lake Ozark and charged with tampering with physical evidence, according to court records.

According to the probable cause statement, cell phone records led authorities to get a search warrant for Earl Kearney's property at 55 Kearney Lane off of Highway OO near Reeds Spring on March 19th.  Kearney's property, which has two houses and sits on 33 acres, has several ponds.

Kearney, who is a former boyfriend and was Dean-Morrison's employer, contacted Detective Fields on February 28th and "advised" him "he didn't want him speaking to Teri Dean-Morrison any further."

Dean-Morrison's phone records show she made a call to Kearney at 3:39 p.m. on February 23rd.  Cheryl Crawford also called Kearney at 5:38 p.m. the same day.  At 9:54 a.m. the following day Dean-Morrison made another call to Kearney.

The phone records indicate that Crider was in the vicinity of Kearney's property at 11:33 p.m. on February 23rd and again the next day from 11:36 a.m. to 4:48 p.m.  Cell tower triangulation shows Dean-Morrison in the same vicinity at 11:37 a.m. on February 24th.

During the search of Kearney's property on March 19th, three cadaver dogs "showed interest in areas of the property including a large pond on the northern end of the property."  Other smaller pond/s and water features were not able to be properly searched that day, according to court records.

55 Kearney Lane (google)

On March 21st a friend of Crider's allegedly told Detective Matt Maggard that he (Crider) "burned the body of Carl Anderson after Teri and Cheryl murdered him.  Eugene told them after the body was burned, he took the larger organs and disposed of them in a body of water and took the ashes and put them in several places."

During a second search of Kearney's property on March 21st, authorities recovered 31 bags of charred material surrounding the larger pond and one fleshy charred object from the floor of the pond.

The Missouri Highway Patrol crime lab confirmed that the remains belonged to Anderson from DNA recovered from the unidentified human tissue found in the pond.

Authorities had been unable to find Crider's truck, that they believed held vital evidence and was possibly used to transport Anderson's body to Kearney's property, until Krystal Nicole Buras of Spring, Texas,  showed up to visit Crider at the Stone County jail on March 31st.

Detectives met the 30 year-old woman in the lobby of the jail and asked to interview her and seized her car while she was being questioned.  When confronted with evidence by a detective,  Buras told investigators where they could find the missing truck.

Krystal Nicole Buras

She has been charged with tampering with physical evidence for allegedly removing "items that were likely used at the site of the murder,” from her boyfriend's tuck.  Items recovered from her vehicle included a baseball bat, a respirator, a wood handled shovel, a hoe, work boots, work gloves and tennis shoes.  In addition, several clothing items and cell phones were recovered.

Dean-Morrison and Crider have been granted a change of venue for their trial.  They are now scheduled to be held in Lawrence County.  Crawford's attorney is expected to make a similar motion.

All three murder defendants, who are also charged with tampering with physical evidence, are scheduled to make court appearances on September 6th.


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