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Tim Stowe

As he watched his father serve the public as a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper growing up, Tim Stowe knew he wanted his children to be as proud of him as he is of his dad.

Stowe, who lived in the "white farmhouse with the red barn" between Crane and Elsey, graduated from Crane High School in 1989 and then went on to college at SMS (now MSU.)

Stowe, 41, majored in Public Administration and thought he would move to a bigger city to become a city manager, but his wife, Kris, who grew up in Denver, fell in love with Crane and they moved "back home."

Being an entertainment show producer for Silver Dollar City Stowe says he is familiar with the bidding process Commissioner's use to bring goods and services to Stone County.  "I supervise 50 - 75 employees and have a multi-million dollar budget.  I'm used to the bidding process and can utilize that knowledge for the benefit of the county and taxpayers."

Having worked for Herschend Family Entertainment for 25 years, Stowe says he has the support of his employers and they will be flexible with his schedule if he is elected.

Stowe considered running for Northern Commissioner several years ago but didn't because he was satisfied with who was serving. "This time I didn't have any ties to anyone who was running, so the time was right."

If elected, Stowe would like to see commissioner's use an improved plan for procurement and more funds for the Road and Bridge Department freed up.   "When the economy took a downturn, SDC like most companies had to learn to stretch a dollar.  The commissioner's office needs someone who can bring creative solutions and can think outside the box."

That being said, Stowe says-"I don't think Stone County has been poorly run, there are just some things that need improvement.  When you work in a private company one of the things you learn is accountability.  And that's one of the things local governments forget...the money's not yours, it's the taxpayers," said Stowe.

The Stowe's have two children who attend school in Crane and are members of Hurley Christian Ministries Church.

When asked why he doesn't live closer to his job Stowe replied, "This community means everything to me."