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Cheryl Crawford (l) and Teri Dean-Morrison with attorney's

Two women facing first-degree murder charges in Stone County for the death of Carl Glenn Anderson waived their preliminary hearings on Friday (06-22-12.)

Prosecutor Matt Selby announced in court that he was amending the charges against Cheryl Crawford, 42, of Reeds Spring, and Teri Dean-Morrison, 40, to second-degree murder, saying he will not have to prove the women deliberated before 46 year-old Anderson was killed. 

Anderson was last known to be at a gathering at Dean-Morrison's home at 263 Akita Run near Hootentown on February 23rd. 
Carl Glenn Anderson

The search for Anderson began after his mother reported him missing on February 25th.  Dean-Morrison told investigator's that she dropped Anderson off at his mother's house in Highlandville; his mother told detectives he never returned home.
Dean-Morrison's home

When Crawford, Dean-Morrison and Eugene Crider were taken into custody in March authorities seized their cell phones and used triangulation to pinpoint a property where Dean-Morrison and Eugene Crider allegedly had spent a considerable amount of time following Anderson's disappearance.

According to the probable cause statement, "By examining the phone records and cross referencing the cell phone towers, it led Detectives to a property located on Highway OO in Stone County which belongs to Earl Kearney, a known associate of Teri Dean. The phone records showed that one or more of the three suspects spent a considerable amount of time at the property of Earl Kearney on the evening of Thursday, February 23rd and Friday, February 24th."
Anderson's dimembered remains were found in late March in a pond on Kearney's property.  Kearney, who was out of town at the time the warrant for his property was served, is a former boyfriend of Dean-Morrison's.

Court documents say carpet, windows, doors and other items were replaced in Dean-Morrison's home within 24 hours of Anderson's disappearance.  It also noted that the ceiling had been cleaned and ceiling texture had been removed from the home in an attempt to conceal evidence

55 Kearney Lane (google)

"The difference is in terms of our evidence is not having to prove deliberation or premeditation and I think the charges that the defendant's waived on and that we will be proceeding in circuit court on fit the evidence we have at this time."

Crawford and Dean-Morrison are also facing three counts of tampering with evidence, armed criminal action and hindering prosecution.

In April, Selby charged Krystal Buras, 30, of Spring, Texas with tampering with evidence in the case.  She was arrested when she went to visit Crider in the Stone County jail.  She allegedly told investigators that she removed potential evidence from Crider's truck and was going to take it back to Texas with her.
Selby dismissed a charge of abandonment of a corpse charge against Crawford and Dean-Morrison during the court proceedings on June 22nd.

Both women will be arraigned in circuit court on July 3rd.

Crider, 42, of Highlandville, waived his right to a preliminary hearing on June 21, 2012.  He is facing first-degree murder charges in connection to Anderson's murder.  He is also charged with tampering with evidence, armed criminal action, hindering prosecution and abandonment of a corpse.

He will be arraigned in circuit court on July 2nd.

Each of the defendant's remain jailed on $1 Million dollars bond.