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Sierra Nicole Wood (mug shot BCSO)
A teenager from Barry County who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in April  for a May 2010 drunk driving crash that claimed the life of another teen has been placed on five years probation.
Authorities say Sierra Nicole Wood, 19, of Purdy, was drunk when she lost control of her 2002 Chevy, ran off the road and flipped the vehicle on Missouri 76 just west of Cassville. 17 year-old Jessica Nicole Pettengill was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene.
Wood must also serve 90 days shock time in the county jail and perform 300 hours of community service. At the time of her release, Wood will have to wear an alcohol monitoring device, according to prosecutor Johnnie Cox.
Jessica Nicole Pettengill (family photo)
Pettengill, of Fairview, and another passenger in the vehicle, Ronald R. Torrey, 18 at the time of the crash, were not wearing seat belts according to the Highway Patrol crash report.

If Wood does not commit another felony while on probation, the involuntary manslaughter conviction will be removed from her record.


Anonymous said...

this is in regards to the Berry County teen

We all know legal age to drink is 21. We all also know that drinking impairs your judgment. This has been preached to us forever. Yet, no matter the age, no matter that some even have more than 1 DUI/DWI.....the get off with a light sentence. These are not accidents, they are premeditated and we as a society need too put our foot down and give these people who drink what they really deserve.

Yes I was young once and yes I made mistakes, but in todays world, that excuse should not hold water. We are not an ignorant society.

We send people to jail for years for having pot/weed even though no one has ever killed someone else while being high and we let people who drink and drive of with a slap on the wrist after killing someone else. WTH!!!!

No! I do not do drugs nor do I drink, but sure have picked up many drunks that have wrecked and killed someone and they walk out of the ER after sobering up, uninjured. I have NEVER in my 25 years of EMS picked up someone high on pot/weed that had wrecked or even killed anyone.

In conclusion....I think we are a stupid society to allow drunk drivers, no matter what age, to get off as easy as they do.if they kill someone, then it is murder and nothing less.

Anonymous said...

People fuck up=fucked up people

Kate said...

It's hard for me to agree with your comment about premeditation. Alcohol impairs your judgement enough to make you think you're ok to drive. You were young and stupid once - you already know that. That's not premeditation. It's stupidity.
You might also take into consideration that the victim wasn't wearing her seat belt. I'm not downplaying the accident by any means, but that could be a huge part as to why she didn't survive the wreck. It could have happened just as easily if the driver weren't drunk. That's probably why she got a light sentence.