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Tony Lee and Windy Dawn Friend have been named "target" in Porter murder, according to court documents

A Springfield couple was arrested on drug charges on Wednesday May 30th, but it's what's contained in court documents that make their arrest noteworthy.

According to court documents, when U.S. Marshals served a search warrant at the heavily fortified mobile home of Tony L. and Windy Dawn Friend at 3155 W. Brower St. #10 in Greene County they found seven illegal firearms and live ammunition.

Some paintball guns had been modified to fire shotgun shells and investigators found a syringe that field tested positive for methamphetamine, according to the documents.

Rusty and Becky Porter

In court papers filed to support the couples arrest, investigators named the Friend's as "targets" in the homicide investigation of Russell "Rusty" and Rebecca "Becky" Porter.  The Porter's disappeared from the Willard home on April 17, 2011, and were found shot to death in rural Protem in late July of 2011.

Tony Lee Friend, 44, has convictions of unlawful use of a weapon and domestic assault which make it illegal for him to be in possession of a firearm and is named as the "primary suspect in the Porter homicides, in court documents."
Darell Huftt, Becky Porter's brother, says Tony Friend is a cousin of Rusty Porter.  Kay Simmons, Rusty Porter's mother said, "He's not related to us."

The probable cause affidavit says there were dead bolts at the top and bottom of the doors of the mobile home - a metal door also went across the middle of the door for added strength.  Windows to the home had been boarded up to make surveillance into the mobile home impossible.  The court documents say that because of those measures it would have prevented any tactical maneuvers by law enforcers such as flash bangs, tear gas, etc.


The Friend's trailer (courtesy Springfield News Leader)


Court documents say Tony Friend has threatened a deputy and Greene County Detective Scott Britton who have been working on the Porter homicide investigation.  Britton's family was also threatened, according to those documents.
Those same documents also allege that Tony Friend has threatened to blow up federal and state judicial centers.  "The defendant has also made threatening statements about actions he would take if law enforcement attempted to arrest him."

Greene County Detective Scott Britton

Tony Friend has also had numerous protection orders filed against him, according to online court records.

The federal court documents say that all of the facts relevant to the investigation of the case/s are not listed, only what is need for the probable cause warrant.

Tony Friend, who has been charged with possession of a controlled substance, is being held without bond for the weapons violation in the Greene County jail. 

Windy Friend, 31, was placed on 5 years probation for receiving stolen property in Dade County in 2011 - and an order of protection was filed against her the same year in Dade County.  She was charged with tampering with a motor vehicle in Barry County in July of 2011 and there has been no resolution to that case, according to online court records.

She is being held in the Greene County  jail on charges of possession of a controlled substance and has $100,000 bond.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott said in a news release, inquiries about court documents that say “Defendant is the primary suspect in the Porter homicide” will not be answered. "This case is an on-going investigation and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office cannot make a statement regarding any allegations or the continued investigation of this case, along with any information on Federal or State court records."