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Larry Scobee
He spent his whole working career serving the public before he retired, now Larry Scobee wants voters of Stone County to let him serve the community where he grew up.

Scobee, 56, graduated from Reeds Spring High School and began working for Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDot) in 1977.  He was assigned to the Galena Maintenance Facility where he worked his way up through the ranks and spent the last 12 and a half years of his career as a supervisor before retiring in 2008.

Since retiring, Scobee has kept himself busy with a topsoil farm and working part time in the city maintenance department in Reeds Spring.

While he has felt the call to seek public office for a while now, Scobee says he respected the job that Kenneth Booth, who died while he was in office, was doing and didn't want to run against him.
Governor Jay Nixon appointed Jim Huy, who is also running for Northern Commissioner, about a year and a half ago to serve the remainder of Booth's term. 

Scobee says the system current commissioners are using "is a really good method and system of doing things.  I don't see myself making any big changes with the way things are done.  I don't believe in cutting people--I have seen first hand what happens when you cut people."

"The two biggest budgets in the county are the Sheriff's (Office) and Road and Bridge (Department)."  Scobee's father, George Scobee, was sheriff in Stone County in the 80's and he says he admired the way his father struggled to stay within the confines of his budget while still giving the community the best service possible. "I believe the Sheriff's Office should be allowed to have enough money to do their job properly and the Road and Bridge Department has three excellent foremen at this time."

Noting dwindling tax revenues Scobee says, "We have to be able to hold our head above water and not go backwards.  I believe the knowledge and training I received at MoDot has prepared me to serve as Northern Commissioner."

"You can speculate about what you'd do, but you're not really going to know until you get in there.  This job would be a step up for me, and I understand its not the same kind of job I had with MoDot.  It would be a challenge for anyone - but I'm up for it."

Scobee has been married to his wife, Debbie, who is the Stone County Circuit Clerk (which is a state held office,) for 30 years.  They have two children and four grandchildren and he serves as a Deacon at Keystone Baptist Church.

"The only big change I would like to see is the name plate on the front of the desk of the Northern Commissioner," said Scobee.

Next week we will have an interview with Robert Stone who is also running for Northern Commissioner.