6:53 PM
(courtesy KY3)

An alleged domestic assault in Ozark Sunday evening led to an officer shooting the female suspect.

Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle says Ozark police officers responded to a call of a man that was stabbed near 7th and McCracken about 5:30 p.m.

When officers arrived, the female suspect fled in a vehicle and led officers on a circuitous route back to the home where she was tazed after commands for her to drop the weapon were unsuccessful.  When the women ran toward officers with a knife she was shot, Kyle said.

The male victim was treated at a hospital and released; while the woman has undergone surgery for non-life threatening wounds, according to Kyle.

Lacie Dawn Tull, who used to live next door to the couple and now lives down the block from them says, "They fought all the time and I knew something bad was bound to happen." 

Lacie Dawn Tull used to live next door to the couple and says they fought all the time

Children who were inside the house at the time of the stabbing have been placed with relatives.

Authorities in Ozark will investigate the domestic assault while Sheriff's deputies will conduct the officer involved shooting investigation.


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