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Guy Varnell is being held on a $1 Million dollar bond

Authorities in Oregon County have charged an Alton man with first-degree murder for the death of his neighbor.

The Oregon County sheriff's office received a call from a friend of Guy Varnell, 47, yesterday (2-29) saying Varnell had allegedly killed "The Cat Woman" and hid her body on his property.  When investigators went to check on fifty one year-old Narda E. Pranke at her property at Rt. 1 box 1361 they could not locate her.

After speaking with their tipster again, authorities searched Varnell's property and found several plastic bags containing body parts and clothing in Varnell's shed and the torso of Pranke in brush nearby.

Varnell allegedly told investigators that he hit Pranke in the head with a rock on February 25th or 26th and left her body out in the open for several days before returning to dismember the woman.

Southwest Missouri Forensics conducted an autopsy on Franke today in Springfield.

Underwood says Pranke, who lived in several tents and did not have running water or electricity on her property, contacted his office in the past about a neighbor across the road from her cutting trees, but she refused to fill out a complaint form. 

Investigators say Varnell also admitted stealing a Ruger Mark II handgun while rifling through Pranke's belongings on her property after the murder. He allegedly led officers to a wooded area near his home where the stolen revolver was recovered.

According to Underwood, the only contact his office has had with the alleged murderer was in 2004 when he was cited for a traffic or misdemeanor drug violation.

Varnell is being held on $1 Million dollar bond.


HerChildren said...

We need your help! We are the children of Narda Pranke. We are trying to learn as much as possible about her. Please share with us any information so we can bring her to peace and lay her to rest. She is going under the name of Addy or the Cat Lady. She is a small petite woman who loved the Earth and animals. Please share with us your stories. Thank you for your help!

Her Children