3:02 PM
Captain Thomas Rousset says two men in a pickup were detained after being pulled over for a license plate violation.  The officer who pulled the men over noticed a fuse coming out of a "homemade" improvised explosive device in the bed of the truck and called the Ozark Fire Department who then alerted the Springfield Bomb Squad.

Rousset says the device, that was filled with gunpowder, was about 4 - 6 inches long and about 2 - 3 inches in width.

The 30 year-old owner of the truck, who is from Bruner, and the 46 year-old passenger had been at a "bonfire" earlier in the evening, according to Roussett.

"The owner of the truck said he made it out of curiosity and had been planning to throw it into the fire to see what would happen but decided against it.  Thankfully he didn't because if anyone had been nearby the consequences could have been tragic."

The 46 year-old man, who is from Ozark, told authorities he had no idea there was and IED in the vehicle and the truck owner confirmed that, said Roussett.

The Springfield bomb was able to dismantle the bomb and "rendered it harmless without risk of explosion."

The suspects have been released and "we're waiting to see if state or federal charges apply.  We should know more within the next few days," said Roussett.