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Michael Steven Crow (mug shot TCSO)

A man from Branson has been sentenced to one year in jail after pleading guilty yesterday (03-19-12) to bigamy.

Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell says Kelly Marie Crow, who was married to Michael Steven Crow, 43, from December of 2006 to April of 2011 started investigating her husband's past when she filed for divorce.

Investigators with the Hollister police department found two other marriage licenses for the man and  two other women; Kerry Lynn Ogden was married to Crow from April of 2000 to June of 2008 and the other from July of 2001 until present.

Merrell says, "This crime is rather rare, but can have a dramatic and devastating impact on families.  My sincerest sympathy goes out to the victims of this man's crimes."

Crow was also ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm a personal friend of this man and he is one of the greatest guys you'd ever meet.

Jeff Merrell's comment is uncalled for. There are no 'victims' of his crimes. He has done nothing inherently wrong, some of those women he helped, and some of them were simply using him and he was too nice of a guy to realize it until it was too late. . . obviously.

And you're doing such a great job of keeping everyone unnamed in your post . . . yet you have his name blatantly displayed on the picture at the very beginning of the article. If nothing else, you could have the common decency to crop it out.

Kathee Baird said...

He was CONVICTED!!! And a story without the name of the convicted and his/her mug shot whenever they're available is not gonna happen.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a PERSONAL AND CLOSE friend of one of the "victims" and this crime has affected not only the wives but all the children and families involved too! This man has been caught in several lies and has portrayed himself to be someone he is NOT! He deserves more than just a year in jail and a $1000 fine! He LIED to more than one person! He has never been "used" or taken advantage of! He has hurt so many people in his attempt to be "mr. Wonderful" to these victims until he gets them where he wants them and then turns into a sociopath!

Anonymous said...

If you are actually convinced that these women are at fault for him marrying them, when he knew he was still married to others, then he has obviously played you and he has sunken his teeth into you just as he did To these victims! He didn't HAVE to marry these women!
He is a dangerous person and should be locked up much longer than a year!

Anonymous said...

This case is not about the criminal who committed such scandalous acts. Who in their right mind (which apparently this person is stupid and ignorant) would blatantly and illegally marry multiple women? Apparently, he did this for sex?

This person who committed these crimes did NOT make a mistake in committing the crimes!!! He willfully and with full knowledge married multiple women without being divorced to the previous person. Extremely STUPID!!!

This person is a pathological liar. He has lied to his best friend who should be more aware of how he has been manipulated but he is in denial. It's hard to admit that your friend is wrong, much less a liar and convicted criminal. If the truth be known, Mike had multiple aliases and has had skirmishes w/the law before.

He supposedly has a wife in Australia and two children who he never tries to contact, never paid a dime of child support and could care less.

This criminal is a "CONTROL FREAK"! He has played on the emotions of various women and their children to the extent that they could not do anything without his permission. He controlled what they did (played), how they played, who could do what, what they could and could not eat, who they could play with, etc.

This freak of nature is a nut case and really ought to be in a mental institution or an insane ward.

I pitty and really feel sorry for the victims of whom he's prayed upon, i.e. especially all the children and the many women.

For a close friend of this criminal to side with him only belittles the quality and type of friend that Mike made. Perhaps this person would be best served in dismissing Mike as a friend and find somebody that won't lie to him and/or take advantage of his being niave.

I can't tell you how terribly I feel for those poor children that were harmed, threatned, wives beaten, strangled and left for dead. This doesn't exactly sound like the type of person I'd consider my closest friend.

I truly hope the well deserved "time behind bars" will cause this criminal to seek the Lord, plead for forgiveness and try and make restitution.

Good luck Mr. Judge in getting the $1,000 plus court costs. This idiot and liar owes so many people money it's not funny.

I'm so thankful that being the big, huge, gigantic pathological liar that Mike is will now be shown publically to all people in this area of the world.

One of Mike's little lies: He spoke about being in the Army and how one day he was flown over to Iraq so that he could see what was going on.

Another lie: He spoke about how he became a medical doctor . . . in only six (6) months.

Another lie: He spoke about how he was half owner (co-owner) of a medical establishment where he worked.

Another lie: He spoke about how he was the Regional Manager of a particular movie rental place, however; when the bad weather caused him to miss work last winter, he had to call his boss because he was being paid hourly (Go Figure).

Enough for now. More blogging later . . . maybe. It all depends on how many additional lies I read in Mike's defense. Ridiculous!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that there are people out there that think this man is innocent and has done nothing wrong. I have been a personal friend of Mike and one of his wives. I know BOTH of them and Mike has done irreversible damage to the women and especially children envolved. Mike puts on a good show...but open your eyes people he is a LIAR! Whoever the personal friend is that stated there were no "victims" shame on you! He adopted one of his wives children which had to be overturned because he was married to 3 women at one time. How are there not victims? You must not be a parent. You don not play with lives of children. I don't think any amount of time in jail is long enough. Those kids will never forget the lasting effects of his selfish and fraudulent actions.

Anonymous said...

I am a close friend of one of the victims. Mike has one side of him that is the All American Family Man and then ,he has a very dark side. I'm so relieved that my friend and her children got out and are SAFE! Mike deserves way longer and a much bigger fee! He is sick!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have told a lie before maybe they should lock you up for a year yea run that through your noggin! This isn't a crime it's just relationship problems being extremely over exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

I think you kinda deserve some sick fee prison time for bein a nosy little skank... How's that sound?

disgusted former daughter in law said...

EXCUSE YOU!!! (to the person who called the other one a "nosy little skank")
I too think he deserves WAY MORE!!! Mike just didn't tell little white lies!!! he told some WHOPPERS!!! how do I know u ask well let me tell you.
I was his daughter in law for 3 years from 96-99 and in that 3 years he told MANY LIES!! so many I can't even count!!! the biggest two however were hurtful and sick!!! first off he told people my mother in law was in the end stages of cancer!! and the BIGGEST WHOPPER IS DISTURBING!!! he told us that his daughter was DEAD!!!! and we felt so bad for him we offered to name our first born child after his daughter if we had a girl... there is no telling how long he would have continued to lie about it, but thankfully my mother in law intercepted a phone call from his ex wife and found out to much of everyone's surprise that his daughter was very much alive and wanted to see her daddy!!! she eventually came down for a visit!!! when asked why he lied Mike said it was because after the divorce his ex wouldn't let him have anything to do with her... which was another lie because like I said she came down for a visit!!! this man is SICK IN HIS HEAD!!! you have NO IDEA what he has put those he has lied to through!!! so before you go calling people names and thinking this is no big deal why don't you ask Mike about his dead daughter!!!! not to mention the stalking he did and snooping through people's medical records!!!! MIKE IS A LIAR!!!!! I think you deserve some sick free prison time for believing Mike is "mr. wonderful"!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, name calling, professing to be a friend of the accused, etc. isn't the point. The main focus of the prosecuting attorney's office was to dispel all doubt about the validity of this man's life, the stories which he told and the life he lived; that turned out to be all lies (understatement. To marry an innocent woman and then turn around and marry another innocent woman, without even the slightest thought of getting a divorce, is not only sick but way above the law. This man knew EXACTLY what he was doing and without any remorse (just look at his mug shot and tell he where is remorse)! No, his didn't just make a mistake but a huge and with full knowledge "BROKE the LAW" and when he finally got caught, some idiot tries to justify his illegal acts. Get real!!! This man was illegally and simultaneously married to at least three (3) women. He's not getting what he deserves, he's getting mercy. The victims are not just the women he lied to but to the employers he lied to about his education and especially those precious children whom he took advantage of, much less eventually ignored and discarded as mere roadblocks in his further attempt to get free sex from anyone willing to marry him. He's a mental case to the point of being excessively stupid, DUMB and ignorant!!! I pity the fool that claims him as a friend (who also happens to work in a medical establishment where Mike use to work). Two peas of the same pod . . . I say. Just look at his mug shot and you can tell that he finally got caught and boy, I bet he's mad? He only has to look in the mirror to blame anyone! He never will admit he ever did anything wrong (understatement). Perhaps his time in jail will cause him to rethink not only whatever vocation he chooses after he gets out of jail but what part of the world he should go did a hole and hide in, because everyone in Hollister, Branson, Forsyth, Springfield, Harrison and any other surrounding locality within 300 miles NOW knows the truth about this IDIOT!!! People in Iowa are not embarrased by learning of his doings. He's getting a lot of negative attention. Just what he deserves. He deserves more time but not in jail but in prison with all those other sex offenders, which he definitely IS one of them! At least he would have the same opportunity of getting tagged as a sex offender and perhaps getting a male partner to attend to his longivity in this world (if you know what I mean) should he be in a prison environment. I'm not one bit sympathetic toward anyone that is a sex offender and child abuser. Yes, this idiot of a pitiful excuse for a human being deserves a lot more than he is getting. He's now not even qualified to work at McDonald's, much less for a medical establishment or doctor or movie rental place. However, even someone like Mike can make a complete 180 and give his heart, for the first time, to the Lord. I do hope this happens because that's the only thing that will save him and the poor, detestable person he's turned out to be. May God have mercy on his wretched soul.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say that even the people in Iowa ARE embarrased about this idiot. Sorry for the typo.