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Baby Karson is doing well

A Douglas County woman who was charged last April with abusing her boyfriend's little boy while she was babysat him and entered an Alford plea to assaulting the toddler in December has withdrawn the plea after the judge in the case refused to accept the plea after learning the little boy may have permanent eye injuries connected to the assault.

Prosecutor's say Britini Leigh Tyra, 23, of Ava, shook baby Karson so violently that he had to be hospitalized.  The toddler suffered extensive bruising from behind both ears that extended to the eyes and cheeks.  Doctors say it's a miracle the boy survived.

Britni Leigh Tyra will be sentenced in February

Douglas County Deputy Vernon Johnson wrote in the probable cause statement, that the left side of the boy's head looked "considerably" worse than the right side. Johnson also noted that the toddlers right eye was "swollen shut. The bruising and swelling initially led me to believe (the boy) had been repeatedly beaten about the head and face."

A doctor said little Karson's scalp was torn away from his skull in the assault and was consistent with someone grabbing him by the ears and shaking him. The doctor said the bruising on the toddlers face "was blood pooling from hemorrhaging along the tears."

When Tyra was interviewed by authorities she told investigators she had no idea how the little boy ended up with the injuries.

The little boy did not suffer any internal injuries in the attack and initial reports were that his eyesight was not affected.

Karson's mother, Ashley Scribner, says she believes a jury will give Tyra a longer prison sentence than the 90 days she was expected to receive today for assaulting her baby. Tyra maintains she had nothing to do with the baby's injuries.
Douglas County prosecutor Roger Wall says Judge Don Henry has recused himself from the case citing that he now knows too much about the case to be impartial.  A new trial date will be set when a new judge is appointed to the case, according to Wall.
Friends of baby Karson's mom started a justice for Karson facebook page.

****An Alford plea is where a defendant does not admit guilty but acknowledges that prosecutor's probably have enough evidence to secure a conviction if the case were to proceed to trial.