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Joseph Vanhorn faces a minimum of 15 years behind bars

A bail bondsman from Kansas City was found guilty today (02-13-12) of using a tween to produce kiddie porn at a trailer in McDonald County in 2009.

Federal prosecutors say Joseph Vanhorn, 70, owner of Victory Bail Bonds, gave the 12 year-old pot and alcohol on several occasions and took sexually explicit pictures of the young girl at his trailer in Noel from August to December of 2009.

Investigators also found additional child pornography on Vanhorn' home computer when he was arrested.

Vanhorn is  facing a minimum of 15 years in prison without parole and a fine of up to $250,000 when he is sentenced.


Anonymous said...

The additonal child porn was from a man who owned the computer before He took possession of the used computer. It was proved that those were on the computer and documents were provided as proof and those charges were dropped.

Kathee Baird said...

Not according to the attached news release.


Anonymous said...

Mark Morris with the KC Star looked deeper and wrote more accurate information. The news release isn't teeling all the facts. The FBI and Federal Prosecutetr got the federal indictment based on lies under oath. The 2 top computer experts submitted documents with the courts. The FBI agents had egg on their face and won't admit the truth to the media. You need to get the transcript from the courts if you want to know the truth. The goal is for the FBI and federal prosecuter is to get every case in the federal courts when they should have been in the State courts. If you believe the press releases, FBI and Federal Employees, I feel sorry for you. I guess you believe Susan Smith was carjacked by a random black man who took her children also. Oh wait, She let her car roll in a lake and murdered her children. The media reported she was carjacked...................

Kathee Baird said...

No where in Morris's article does it state that the previous owner of the computer was responsible for the kiddie porn.

I guess what you don't get, is regardless of whether some other person is/was responsible for other child pornography on Vanhorn's computer, HE took (produced) sexually explicit pictures of the 12 year-old.

Do I think her mother should have faced some charges as well, I do!

And for the record, I knew Susan Smith was guilty the moment she opened her mouth with the hinky carjack story.

Sorry we all can't make you happy, but I do appreciate you reading my blog!

From Morris's KC Star articl:

“The FBI possesses text message(s) from (the mother) threatening to expose Mr. Vanhorn for taking pictures of (the girl) unless he gave her clear title to the property,” wrote defense lawyer Kimberly R. Weber in a November filing.

Prosecutors responded that the mother’s motives were not relevant to the issue of whether Vanhorn actually took the photos.

“When (the girl’s) mother had a role in encouraging (the girl) to have the defendant take the pictures in question is not relevant to the question of whether the defendant actually produced sexually explicit images of (the girl),” Assistant U.S. Attorney James J. Kelleher wrote.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/02/13/3427382/kc-man-convicted-of-taking-pornographic.html#storylink=cpy

Anonymous said...

Kathee Baird,
I know more about this case than you will ever know. This man is my relative and I know every bit of evidence relevant and non-relevant.I know the mother and the girl. The girl admitted in court that her mother provided the drugs and alcohol. She also admitted that her story was lies. She got caught doing something and decided to blame my father. Her mother and her are back to drinking and doing drugs so all is well. Her mother was busted with 14 pounds of pot and walked free then she stole a car and was involved in a high speed chase and is still free. The criminal system doesn't seem to really care about protecting children it is more about politics. If you believe everything the media says or the courts say you are a fool. The computer was given to him by a family member who had a husband with a serious child pornography addiction and she kept that secret. He died of cancer before this case. The remark "Sorry I can't make you happy" is just sarcastic BS. You don't know everything you think you do. You should have gotten a law degree instead of pretending you are some legal expert. Try doing something important in life instead of repeating articles and such from the media.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you think if it is a news release it is always true. Get an education

Anonymous said...

And yes the charges for the other photos on the used computer were dropped, I was there.