5:24 PM
Tom Mourning (mug shot CPD)

A man from Spring, Texas who could not pay his bill at a restaurant in Conway has been charged with tampering with a motor vehicle in Laclede County after it was discovered he had stolen a government bus in Springfield.

According to a news release from the Conway Police Department, officers responded to a disturbance at the Rocking Chair restaurant about 11 a.m. Thursday (01-19-12) in response to a man being "very  unruly and disorderly." 

When Tom Stanley Mourning's credit cards were denied to pay the $13.86 bill he asked to be able to go next door to the Budget Inn to retrieve some cash.  Conway police chief Michael Noyes accompanied the twenty two year-old to his motel room where Mourning allegedly tried run in the bathroom and shut the door to keep the officer out.   When asked about the money Mourning said he had it in his hand and showed officers seven cents.

While investigating Mourning's activity at the motel it was discovered that he arrived in a bus with government plates. 

According to the probable cause statement, Mourning went to Cummins Diesel located on Kearney Street in Springfield on January 18th and told him he was, "there to pick up the bus for the military" and was given the keys.  Authorities in Springfield seized Mourning's vehicle he left at Cummins when he took the bus.

Mourning, who has been charged with shoplifting, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in municipal court in Conway, is being held on $25,000 bond in the Laclede County jail.