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Brandon M. Slavens (mug shot GCSO)

Charges have been filed against a Springfield man who broke into an elderly couple's home on Friday (01-27-12) and assaulted the couple.

Brandon M. Slavens is charged with burglary, robbery, armed criminal action, felonious restraint, resisting arrest, and two counts each of assault and tampering.

Slavens, 28, led cops on a high speed chase late Thursday night before he crashed his vehicle in the 800 block of State Highway T in Greene County.

Sometime between 3 and 3:30 a.m. the elderly couple, William, 81, and Bonita Pipkin, 79, who live about a mile from the crash scene, were woken up from noises outside their home.  Bonita Pipkin went to the back door and opened it and found Slavens standing in the breezeway holding an ax and told him to leave.

According to the probable cause statement, "As BP proceeded back into the residence and shut the door, Slavens shattered the door window and forced entry into the residence. Slavens grabbed a hold of BP and threw her on the floor. WP (the husband) was walking down the steps to the rear door pointing a rifle at Slavens. WP stated he pulled the trigger of the rifle in attempts to protect BP and himself. However, the gun safety was on and WP was not able to fire a shot right away at Slavens. Slavens immediately struck WP on his left arm with the ax, causing severe injuries to WP. Slavens took possession of the firearm and forced the couple back into the kitchen area."

Slavens demanded the couples money, credit cards, cell phones, medications, food, and car keys and then forced the couple into a closet and barricaded the door.

The couple told investigators they were able to crack the door open a few inches and witnessed Slavens ransacking their residence.

At about 8 a.m. the couples grandson arrived at his grandparent's home to drop off his dog and found the couple barricaded in a closet.

The elderly couple gave cops a description of their attacker and said he appeared to be “on dope.”

A BOLO was put out for the couples stolen 2001 white Chevy Imapla. Acting on a tip, authorities located the stolen vehicle in the 1700 block of E. Camorene.  The homeowner told investigators that he was familiar with Slavens, but was not friends with him, and did not give anyone permission to park the vehicle on his property.

An ax and the rifle taken from William Pipkin during the assault were recovered in the stolen vehicle.

A woman told detectives that Slaven's came to her residence on Caravan Friday (01-27-12) afternoon and that he was,  “scared, nervous and fidgety.” She said she also overheard Slavens say, “What was I suppose to do, he had a gun in my face.” The witness stated she heard the news about the couple who was assaulted and believed Slavens was involved with the assault of the elderly couple.

An interview with another witness who was also present at the house on Caravan said Slavens told her he was “in trouble.”  and he had done “something really wrong.”

Saturday afternoon cops found Slavens hiding, ironically in a closet, at a residence on the city's west side and he was taken into custody.

After being treated at a hospital for a dog bite he received while being apprehended, Slaven's was questioned by Detective Michael Eatherly.

According to court documents as Eatherly questioned Slavens he told him at one point in the interview, “They (the victims) saw you.  The old man was going to shoot you, you know?"  Slavens made a wincing facial expression and started crying as he nodded yes to my question. I told him he was lucky he was alive. Slavens continued to clearly nod yes. "

Eatherly told Slavens he had made a bad decision. While still crying Slavens stated, “I would never kill anybody.”

While questioning Slavens Eatherly told him, “I know it was you and you know it was you.” Slavens continued to cry and would not respond to my question. After a moment he stated, “It’s too late.”   

With that, the interview was over when Slavens asked for an attorney.

Eatherly wrote in his statement, "It should be noted Slavens stated he was not the person the news was portraying him as."

Slavens mother, Phyllis, says meth has destroyed her boy. "I don't see my son doing something like that. But then I've seen what meth does to people and it totally changes you."

The Pipkins were hospitalized following the assault. William Pipkin suffered a compound fracture to his arm while Bonita Pipkin suffered less serious injuries. Both are now out of the hospital and recovering, but have not yet returned to their home as they are too scared.

Slavens is held in the Greene County jail on $300,000 bond.