9:55 PM

Authorities in Carthage have issued an apology after an employee accidentally posted an explicit picture to the police department's facebook page Monday (01-23-12.)

Police Chief Greg Dagnan said a "grievous error" was made by a department employee who was using a computer that held investigative photos while trying to post post an announcement about the annual Mudstock festival.

The picture was only up for about five seconds, but that was long enough for someone to spot the offensive photo and call police dispatch.  “We assumed it was deleted so fast nobody saw it,” he said.

“We should never be posting to Facebook on a computer that has anything investigative on it,” Dagnan said.

Dagnan said he said he does not believe the posting of the picture has jeopardized the criminal investigation in any way.

The police department began using Facebook last week. A news release at the time said the department wanted to use the social media site to keep the public informed “by going where they are,” and alerting the public to crimes and investigations.