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Weston T. North (facebook)
Authorities in Greene County have launched a homicide investigation following the discovery of a 17 year-old found in a ditch early this morning in Republic.

A passerby called authorities after discovering the body of Weston Tyler North, of Republic, in the area of FR 178, east of Hwy. ZZ, around 7:30 a.m - The area is southeast of Republic High School and northeast of Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.
Crime scene investigators scour for clues in Weston North's homicide (courtesy KOLR/KOZL)

"This is the fifth homicide for Greene County and the only year that I know of, and that the sheriff could recall earlier, that we've had this many homicides, in a single year, in the outskirts, out in the county territory," said Maj. Corcoran.
Greene County Captain Jim Farrell say detectives are interviewing several subjects associated with North. If you have any information regarding the homicide of Weston North, please call 911 or the Greene County Sheriff’s Office at 417 868-4040.

UPDATE 01-01-12:

Arrest Made In Weekend Murder Of Republic Teen:

Gabriel Roche is charged with first-degree murder (mug shot GCSO)

An eighteen year-old man is facing first-degree murder charges in connection to the weekend death of another teen from Republic.

Gabriel L. Roche was booked into the Greene County jail about 10 hours after a passerby called authorities about 7:30 a.m. Saturday (12-31) discovering the body of Weston Tyler North, of Republic, lying in a ditch in the area of FR 178, east of Hwy. ZZ.

The area where North's body was found is southeast of Republic High School and northeast of Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.

Weston Tyler North (facebook)

Sheriff Jim Arnott says he is in the process of releasing additional information concerning North's murder and will get back to me shortly.
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Carolyn Caplinger said...

Makes me want to keep my 17 year old son near at all times. This is the second 17 year old boy found dead recently. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Jim Arnott could'nt Solve anything, he's a poor excuse for a Sheriff and a human being.

Anonymous said...

sad thing is that i know both of them gabe got out of the mental ward two week or so befor for thinking everyone was a cop and then thought west was one so kill west in front of his lil brother to show him what death was like then both gabe and liz who was his girl at the time took her van a dump the body from what i herd from his brother that was there hard to belive it happen when they where friends and just over at my house partying toghter just a few day befor it happen.