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Prosecutors are reviewing reports to alleged DWI offense

It’s been over three months since Kirby VanBurch was arrested and booked into the Branson jail on suspicion of DWI and there still have been no charges filed or dismissed, according to assistant prosecutor Tiffany Yarnell.

That case is under review in our office, said Yarnell.  "We try to take things in the order we get them and the order they are entered into our case management system.  It is in my office as we speak."

VanBurch was pulled over for suspicion of DWI near Roark Valley Road and Forsyth in the early morning hours of August 30th.  Prosecutors are in the process of reviewing records in addition to waiting on reports pertaining to the stop. 

In 2005, VanBurch was placed on five years probation after pleading guilty to drunk driving and assaulting a Branson police officer following a traffic stop. 

"If the offender has one prior misdemeanor DWI/DUI conviction in the last five years to the present charge they can be charged as a prior alcohol offender. If they have an alcohol related assault conviction they can face felony charges," said Yarnell.

In an unrelated case, VanBurch and his ex-wife, Bambi, are also facing three counts of felony tax evasion for allegedly failing to pay sales, withholding and consumer use taxes from June through September of 2009, the same year the couple were divorced.


Anonymous said...

Guess they want him to finish the season first. Who says the good ole boy system is dead.

Justice said...

Apparently they are not prosecuting him fairly like everyone else!!! Unfair!!!He should goto jail!

Anonymous said...

They should prosecute him like everyone else!!Hes a coward!!!

Anonymous said...

She got tired of watching him screw other dudes and stay loaded constantly .His loss. She's always been out of his league. without her he's just another junkie homo that thinks he's a rock star.