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Dexter Williams

A medical examiner in Arkansas says twenty four year-old Dexter Williams, the man who was with former KARK meteorologist Brett Cummins when he was found dead, died from asphyxia and acute combined drug intoxication.

Maumelle Police Department Press Release:

"Regarding Maumelle Police Department case #11-4587-OF documenting the sudden death of Dexter Williams, Associate Medical Examiner Frank J. Peretti, M.D. has officially listed the manner of death as undetermined. Dr. Peretti noted the cause of death as Asphyxia along with significant findings of Acute Combined Methamphetamine and Amphetamine Intoxication. There was no finding of strangulation listed on the Cause of Death report.

Once it is completed, the Maumelle Police Department will turn over the investigative file to the Pulaski County Prosecutors Office who will determine what, if any, charges can/should be filed."

According to the police report, Christopher "John" Barbour found Williams and Cummins, 33, in a whirlpool tub in his home at 16 Village Way about 8 a.m. on Labor Day morning. Officer Greg Roussie says he discovered Williams' body in a fetal position on the floor of the waterless tub that had a ring of blood around it.  Roussie noted that Williams had a chain around his neck that appeared to be a dog collar.

According to the incident report, Barbour told police he, Williams and Cummins were drinking and snorting illegal drugs and later got in the tub together. Barbour told police he slept on a couch in the living room and awoke the next morning to loud snoring coming from the bathroom. When he entered the bathroom to retrieve some glasses he and Cummins noticed that Williams, who was behind Cummins, was not breathing and his color was off. 

Former KARK meteorologist Brett Cummins

Cummins bolted from the bathroom and vomited in the living room before leaving the scene.  He voluntarily returned and provided police with a statement.  A pill bottle was recovered from the master bedroom adjacent to the bathroom where Williams was found dead, according to the report.

Williams family says he was "easily influenced" and they "are confident authorities will fully investigate this tragic event."

Brett Cummins resigned from KARK on Friday September 9, 2011.  His attorney Mark Hampton, of Little Rock, says his client has not been charged with any crime connected to Williams death, and he is innocent.

Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley says it's too early in the investigation to say whether or not any charges connected to Williams' death will be filed.
UPDATE 01-06-12:

Authorities say no charges will be filed against Cummins in connection to Williams death.