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Dale A. Knight, Jr. (mug shot APD)

A fight between step-brothers in Aurora on Monday night ended with one brother suffering life threatening injuries.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Don Trotter has filed charges of first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action against 26 year-old year-old Dale A Knight, Jr., yesterday (09-20-11.)

Lawrence County Prosecutor Don Trotter

Authorities say the brother's had been drinking before Knight stabbed Robert Elam, 32, and fled the scene after the assault. Elam suffered a collapsed lung and a laceration to his right hand, according to the probable cause statement.

Knight told investigators the fight began when Elam accused him of stealing something from him and began punching him and ended when he stabbed Elam with a box cutter claiming he was "in fear for my life," because Elam had beaten him up several times.

According to court records, Elam told investigators that he told Knight, "they need to stop fighting all the time because they are brothers and he feels bad because every time they fight Mr. Knight gets hurt."  When told that Knight was claiming self defense Elam responded, "he does not see how it was self-defense with a knife."

Knight is being held on $55,000 bond in the Aurora city jail.