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Authorities in Pulaski County say two weekend shootings could possibly be related to rival motorcycle gangs.

Sheriff J. B. King says 9-1-1 received twenty calls yesterday evening reporting what was believed to be an accident involving several bikers in the median of I-44 near the 150MM or the Rt. 7 overpass.

Some of the callers reported that approximately 20 men were fighting and shots had been fired. Traffic on I-44 was reported to be stopped.

When law enforcers arrived at the reported scene, bikers from the Galloping Gooses and Vagos were gone.  However, a group of bikers was spotted headed eastbound I-44 and were stopped at the 154, 156 and 157 MM's.

The bikers stopped in Pulaski County said they had no knowledge of the reported incident and a shooting victim refused medical treatment and did not want to press charges against anyone involved in the incident. 


Laclede County Sheriff Richard Wrinkle says investigators were told that a member of the Vagos group told a prospective member of the Galloping Goose's "that Missouri belonged to the Vagos and the Gooses needed to get out of the state."  He says it was then that a turf war broke out and that the prospective Goose members called their clubhouse in Springfield for backup. 
While the investigation in Pulaski County was going on a female gunshot victim arrived at a hospital in Lebanon. Deputies in Laclede County also stopped a number of bikers. At this time it is unknown if the incidents are related, or if the second victim was injured in a separate incident.

Wrinkle says the bikers said they were sorry for the trouble and "they would settle the problem at a later date."


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Biker clash on 44 here is the Goose colors


Your source has given you information with a "personal" touch, this is not quite accurate.

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