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Terrie Zornes is accused of raping female inmate in 1994 (mug shot McCSO)

A former jailer in McDonald County who allegedly made sexual advances on an underage girl last year is now facing rape charges related to a female inmate almost two decades ago.

Terrie Zornes, 47, of Pineville was charged last week with forcibly raping, Sheena Eastburn, a 17-year-old inmate who was being held on a murder charge in March of 1994.

Zornes is scheduled to be arraigned in Associate Circuit Court in McDonald County tomorrow (08-29-11) on the forcible rape of the inmate.

According to court documents, Zornes worked as a jailer between Jan. 1 and March 1, 1994, and had “complete authority over the inmate and her environment and welfare at the detention center. (The inmate) was ordered into the property room for sexual purposes, and due to her confined status lacked the ability, authority and mental capacity to resist for fearing for her safety and well-being.”

The statement alleges that Zornes attempted to alter surveillance video that showed him arriving and leaving the women’s pod of the jail, but that he failed to alter a clock visible in the video.

“This altered video did show a lapse in time on the clock on the wall in the video,” according to the probable cause statement.
A source close to the investigation says, "Former Sheriff Don Schlessman personally went to former prosecutor, Joseph Schoeberl, and informed him of the allegations and asked him if he would charge Zornes with misconduct of a jailer.  He refused because he wanted a conviction or a plea in the murder case."

In an interview with The Ozarks Sentinel, Schoeberl, who is now an Associate Circuit Court Judge in Jasper County said, "To the best of my recollection I do not recall anything being brought to my attention where she [Eastburn] was the victim of a rape in the county jail while I was prosecutor.  Why wasn't this ever brought up to her capital defense team?  She had some of the best attorney's in the state."

Sheena Renea Eastburn is now asking the court for mercy
Authorities recently learned of the alleged rape of Eastburn, who a jury found guilty of the first-degree murder of her husband, while investigating another case.  Eastburn, who is now 35, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  However, she has filed a motion asking the court for mercy and to commute her sentence to life WITH the possibility of parole.

On Tuesday, his trial on charges of enticement, statutory sodomy, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct with someone under 15 is scheduled to begin. 

Prosecutors allege in that case that Zornes sent a fourteen year-old girl porn and made sexual advances on the teen between September and December of 2010.  The girl told authorities that Zorn tried to molest her while they were in a creek and he later exposed himself to her and made the girl touch him.

In one text message, he reportedly said, “I’m sorry, babe, but if we can’t be together then I’m going to have to get tough with your mom.”

A ruling on Eastburn's post conviction relief is expected to be handed down on February 28, 2012.
UPDATE 03-04-12:
No ruling was made on Eastburn's motion.  A case review is now scheduled to be heard on on July 10, 2012.
Joplin Globe reporter Wally Kennedy has a great recap of what happened in the courtroom here: http://www.joplinglobe.com/crime_and_courts/x2054918901/Decision-in-hearing-reserved


Anonymous said...

Sheena and her entire family are conniving criminals. Her Mother assisted her continuously througout several crimes and dirty deeds long before this murder occured. That's how it got that far. Her uncle is also walking the earth after taking part in the murder of his wife Deborah Stevens/McFadyen as well. All this is, is another advantageous attempt to blame someone else for some really bad parenting. Most of us know her and knew inmates where were jailed with her. This cop is not the only person she was having sex with in jail. None of it was rape. She prostituted herself out to several people for things as simple as a car to drive, some free clothes or just to say she was. Bad, Bad Parenting Lisa. BAD.

ashley faught said...

.I think your a coward and should keep your comments to yourself i did four years wit her in prison she helped this young person change she is not the same person she was and as for her mother Lisa is a sweet lady who has stood by her kids

Anonymous said...

Ashley faught u dated her that's why u have her back and You talk more shit on her than anyone so stop fronting over a computer screen

Anonymous said...

Ashley faught u only think that bc u dated her u talk more shit on her than anyone

Megan Gray said...

Black Susan, I know that you are miserqable for the unfortunate things that have happened to your mother and not having closure. You have a right to your opinion and that is your chioce how you feel. You are sounding very hateful and negative over things that have nothing to do with you. You were never there so you don't know the truth. I hope your heart finds closure and forgiveness, and I hope that you would get justice one day for the pain that someone has caused you in taking your mother. I dont however see how you talking bad about Sheena and her family is helping you. If you don't get the justice you deserve I hope that you can forgive people so that you can move on. The sad thing is that Sheena actually has felt bad about what happened to your mother and you. Most of the time when we hate ourselves for the things that we have done we point out other peoples flaws. even though we have done the same. Ive slept with people for less than her. But I can be healed and forgiven. Thank od for that. May you be blessed and find justice. You could probably help people who have been done like you if you would go about your mission in the right way.

Megan Gray said...

as far as anything else when a jailer or person in authority does certian things consentual or not its an act that is not only oppressive but Illegal. being hateful and trying to expose Sheena for what she has been through it really just looks childish on your part. I personally like Lisa she wouldn't stand behind an anonymous name. I think I would be miserable to if I lived in a negative world were there was no justice and people couldnt change. may the person who killed your mother be caught but make sure you take the anger out on the right person. and if you know for a fact without a doubt who killed your mother why don't you help police in bringing that person to justice? Instead of causing people more problems because you are hurt? You can't say anything about Sheena you haven't even been around her. Claiming that someone murdered someone without facts is slander. at least Tims family got some form of justice. She can't take back what has been done but she has stood on her sentence. Did you make the best choices when you were 17? you had kids by then. People don't always do the smartest things when they are young but we live and learn. some misatkes are just more painful to all people involved. but people do change. and what better are you than the family that you claim to be conniving by being just like them and how do you think that they are just trying to play the blame game when you are blaming the uncle? so whatever you feel towards them really you are just talking about yourself since you are doing the same thing? Have a great life Black Susan. Im sure that you have never made a mistake that needs to be forgiven? you are perfect and sweet and in a position to judge all people? Well goddess Susan may you find peace. as far as terri zornes people can change when the truth is exposed. He won't be there for life. May God bless and heal him. Judge not Susan lest you be judged.

Anonymous said...

Megan Gray - First of all that comment from anonymous was not Susan. Second my friend's name.is Susan. Period. Not black susan you racist bitch! Do not presume to know her thoughts or feelings on her moms case. Keep your opinions to yourself!!

Meme said...

That's my aunt sheena ur talking about. Who the fuck r u to be talking about all of us like that u don't know me?!? As far as I knew we r human people make mistakes. Also who r u to judge anyone?

Unknown said...

I know I was in prison with sheena and she is truly a wonderful woman. She goes out of her way to help people and has a huge heart. No I did not date her I didn't know her personally at all not before and not after I can say that when someone does any prolonged time in jail or prison it changes them. I hope she does get out if anyone deserves it it's her.