9:43 PM
What happened to Shawn Spencer?  If you know call 573-346-2243

Authorities in Camden County are asking for the public's help in a five year-old missing persons case.

Shawn Eric Spencer, of Montreal, who would now be 31, was reported missing by his mother on April 18, 2007. However, he was last seen alive by family members about a year before that.  Spencer's mother told investigators that her son would sometimes disappear for months at a time, but when she hadn't heard from him in over a year she became concerned and reported him missing.

Spencer is 5' 10", 130 to 150 pounds, with blonde hair and brown eyes.  He has mechanical type tattoos on both legs, a jester with a skull face on his arm and an 8 ball and red alien on his shoulder.  He also has acne scars on his face. Authorities have DNA from both parents on file.

Tattoos on Spencer's right leg

Camden County Detective Wendy Kost says Spencer and his dog, who is also missing, were last seen on April 4, 2006, with a friend who has since moved to Illinois.  "We are trying to track that person down to see what, if anything, they can tell us."

Spencer lived in the Lakes area for about 15 years before his disappearance and authorities would like to talk to anyone who knew him.
If you have information on Spencer or his possible whereabouts you're asked to contact the Camden County Sheriff's office at 573-346-2243.