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Laura A. Fiedler (mug shot GCSO)

A third grade teacher at Williams Elementary was arrested for promoting prostitution after an undercover investigation into questionable activity at the Landmark Building in Springfield.

The investigation into an alleged prostitution ring began after police received an anonymous tip regarding a  rub down from a woman named Connie advertising on backpage.com (a site similar to craigslist) who was conducting business out of one of the third floor offices in the building.

An employee with The Wooten Company, which operates the building, told police he "witnessed a female dressed in lingerie and a massage table inside one of the third-floor rooms," according to court documents.

Cops got permission from the buildings operators to install surveillance cameras on the third floor and recorded the comings and goings of people to the office in question.

An undercover cop set up a meeting with a woman named Nicole after responding to an ad backpage.com.She allegedly offered him a "nice backrub, then the front also for a tip if you want."  The undercover officer negotiated a price of $150.00 with Nicole for a massage and oral sex.

He then gave officers, who were listening to the transaction, a signal to enter the room. The woman, who was nude when officers knocked on the door, agreed to speak with police and told them that $35 of whatever she charged went to “the house” and that Laura A. Fiedler, 33, and Mark Fiedler, 41, arranged meetings with "clients."

Mark Fiedler (mug shot GCSO)
The Springfield News-Leader made a Sunshine Request of booking records and search warrants pertaining to the prostitution bust last week and today it was revealed that Laura A. Fiedler and Mark Fiedler were the only people booked into the Greene County jail for promoting prostitution on February 8th.

No charges have been filed in the case as final documents have yet to be forwarded to the prosecutors office for the consideration of charges.  However, returned search warrants list the Fiedler's as the alleged orchestrator's of the prostitution ring.

Springfield Public Schools confirmed that Laura Fiedler has been placed on administrative leave.