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Kylie Leyva (l.) and Anne "Annie" Reed
Nearly two years after two teen aged girls from Nevada were allegedly stabbed to death over text messages,  new details are emerging in the case. 

Leviathon Lee Dipman, 20, of Nevada has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection to the deaths of fourteen year-old Kylie Leyva and eighteen year-old Anne "Annie" Reed and court documents indicate it was a conpiracy.

Leviathon "Levi" Dipman (mug shot VCSO)
Garrett Matthew Mason, now 19, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and armed criminal action for the May 24, 2009, murders of his classmates.

Authorities say Dipman's arrest was due to information received from a confidential informant.  Officer Pamela Miller with the Nevada Police Department writes in the probable cause statement against Dipman, "Prior to Mr. Mason leaving the residence (Allan Harper's) to go to Ms. Reed's residence, Mr. Dipman, Mr. Mason and Mr. Harper had conversation on how Mr. Mason was going to kill both Ms. Reed and Ms. Leyva."

Garrett Matthew Mason (mug shot VCSO)
The informant says that Dipman  made the comment, "To go kill them, cut them up and make their blood decorate the walls."  She [the confidential informant] says that Dipman, Mason and Harper,  "Spoke about a butcher knife" that was in the trunk of a vehicle the group had taken on a camping trip to Stockton Lake and that "the keys to the vehicle were still in the car and all he had to was get the knife when he left."

At Mason's preliminary hearing in August of 2009 Amanda Sandoval testified that she, Mason, Harper and Dipman had been camping and that when they returned Leyva and Reed began sending insulting text messages to her and that Mason had gone to Reed's apartment to get them to stop.

Sandoval, who at one time lived with Annie Reed and Mason, said Harper was a former boyfriend and Dipman was her ex-fiance. Dipman and Leyva had also once been boyfriend and girlfriend but had broken up.  Sandoval testified that Leyva had been one of her best friends.

Sandoval said she and Leyva had made a pact never to date Levi again, but she broke that promise when she went camping with him.

Sandoval, Dipman and Harper testified that as they were leaving to return a beer keg, Mason came running back to Harper's home as authorities with their sirens blaring were making their way to Reed's apartment.

A few hours before she was found stabbed to death Leyva had sent her mother a message saying she was having fun at Reed's watching movies.  Witnesses say Reed ran from her apartment after the attack and named Mason as the person who killed her and her friend.

Friends left momentos on the steps of Reed's apartment

Mason allegeldy told his friends he needed to change clothes because he had been in the same ones all weekend.  Harper popped the trunk and Mason changed behind the car then slipped into the backseat.

Sandoval said Mason initially acted like he didn't not know what was going on, asking them what was up with the police, but then told the group they needed to say he had been with them the last few hours.

Dipman testified “That’s when I turned around and noticed there was blood on his arm."

Officer Miller interviewed Garrett Matthew Mason again on February 16, 2011, about Reed and Leyva's murders.  He stated, "Mr. Dipman, Mr Harper and the informant were involved in the planning of the murders of Ms. Reed and Ms. Leyva.

When asked if Dipman perjured himself on the stand at Mason's prelim and if would affect his case against Mason, Vernon County Prosecutor Lynn Ewing said, "I don't see how....he just didn't give a full and complete disclosure of what happened."

Ewing says the investigation into Reed and Leyva's murders is ongoing and would not comment on whether any charges would be filed against Sandoval or Harper.

Mason's trial was scheduled to begin in April, but that trial setting has been canceled and replaced with a motion hearing on March 7th.  When asked if Mason was going to plead guilty and testify for the state, Ewing responded, "Ethically, I cannot comment on that."


Mandi said...

I believe that there was more than just Dipman, Garrett in the murders. I truely believe that Sandoval,Harper was also invovled in some way I don't see how if just 2 is being charged how the other 2 aren't. They was all together and there is more to the store than what is being told!!!! Can I say COMSPIRACY!!!!!! They all need to get the same punishment not just 1 or 2.

justin nolan said...

I live In nevada mo.. blocks from the crime. I went to school with all. I know for fact what there npt saying. What dipman said is trie the ci is amanda who is now married to a jailer here.. he is no longer a jailer. Fiered for other reasons. There npt saying the whole story true.. harper bairley minchened was in all the conversations leading to tragedy.. women who refused to be on news as the neighbor was the one who was told by reed he did it.. nevada pd and the prosecuter protects harper because he is there mole and leting him get away in helping a murder is wrong.. I myself am looking at class c felony tampering with a motor vehicle and class a mis assault.. I was assaulted but wasint going to call the cops my hand rolled up in a window while it was moving.. I had to brake it out to save my hand. The person who did it went to the pd with a bogus statement and now I'm being charged while he was the aggressor. Justice is money hear not truth and even more just what the pd whants and the prossecuter has as he sees bigger fish leting real crime go and getting all the money they can for the town.. pusb for answeres or the other 2 will never be charged..only a spot lite on the pd and prosecuting attorney will get justice... that's honest not an opinion but truth.. make this corruption in nevada stop for everybody. The vernon county prosecutor applauds who he wants and shuns the rest..see this for to long and ill without a dout!! Get unjust actions and prob be put in a dark sell where I can't tell the towns lies.. i dont care tho just fix this town for our kids and its just future.. I needs to be done.. good people are going to prison while child molestors, robbers, and drug dealers are getting probation for the money and others who speak up goto prison when they say anything.. there much hear people don't know and will continue if outside people and forses don't help.. help the town.. and more will help everywhere for everyone.. someone has to put the foot foreward first and ill be crucified by the state if no one helps..

justin nolan said...

Kathee please fb me for a phone number and ill try to help u shed some light.. dipman also after a week or two was looking for a gun.. he called the wrong people and no gun ever showed up.. I fought dipman after the crime happened and before he ever was charged.. glad to.. he and all others atated are guillty. Amanda is greate at lies and manipulation.. she pushed it to be done and dipman to but mason did it first for her