10:29 AM
An alleged fight over money between neighbors turned deadly about 8 p.m. last night in the 400 block of South Patricia Avenue in Nixa.

Detective Jason Hartsell says 51 year-old Rex Hicks and his girlfriend called their neighbor R. B. and his wife and began arguing about $200 R. B. owed them for an entertainment center.  Hartsell says Hicks (who lived at 417 Harrison) and his girlfriend then went to 410 South Patricia where the ongoing feud turned deadly when Hicks was shot with a hunting rifle after being told to leave the property.

Hartsell says it's not the first time authorities had been called to break up disturbances between the neighbors.

Hartsell will meet with Christian County prosecutors this afternoon to determine if involuntary manslaughter charges will be filed in this case.

R.B. is being held in the Christian County jail on a 24 hour investigative hold pending the filing of formal charges.
UPDATE 01-18-11 @ 9:20 P.M.:

According to assistant prosecutor Donovan Dobbs, R. B. was released from custody and the investigation into the shooting continues.  "They're (police) looking into different things, talking to additional people and continuing the investigation. There wasn't enough evidence to charge him right now so he was released this evening."