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Donald Wayne Burton

Authorities in Taney County have launched a death investigation after a man who has been missing since Christmas was found dead this morning north of Forsyth.

Sheriff Jimmie Russell says Donald Wayne Burton, 29, of Forsyth was found on the floor of a garage next to an abandoned trailer on Julie Lane in the Venice on the Lake area.  Burton's parents reported him missing on December 28th.

When asked last week if authorities were familiar with Burton, Russell replied, "We have dealt with him in the past." When asked if the disappearance could be drug related Russell replied, "All I'm gonna tell you is he's a missing person." 

Russell said he didn't alert the media because he didn't want to hinder the investigation.

Southwest Missouri Forensics will conduct an autopsy on Burton in Springfield on Tuesday.
Russell will not comment on whether foul play is suspected in Burton's death.  In a news release he says he will release more information after reviewing autopsy results.

UPDATE 01-12-11:

Preliminary autopsy results indicate that Burton died from a brain aneurysm.  It will take several weeks for toxicology reports to come back.


Anonymous said...

this is about Donald Burton...
I would like to say that his background should not of been brought into this, he was a missing person and now found dead. I think it's crappy that people around here can't let bygones be bygones, yes some people make mistakes but i don't believe they should have to pay for that. I knew him personally, he would play with my child anytime he would come over to our house. He would of gave anyone the shirt off of his back. All i can say now is it is a very sad day. Rip.... and kathlee did you ever think by printing about his past on your last post wasn't going to hurt his parents? Well i can say it hurt them very much for someone to degrade their son. They didn't need to see or hear that your talking about their son badly. Don't you have any compasion for people. I hope that you never get treated like you have treated them by posting his past.

Anonymous said...

All the blogger was doing was reporting the incident and asking a relevant question. It is sad when anyone dies. Our pasts always come into play in situations like this. It is unfortunate but when doing a story a journalist has to go with the material they have. The post said nothing negative about this man. The reporter posed a question. People in this area thrive on gossip, they also are seldomly held accountable for their actions.

Sunny Roberts Stamps said...

All nasty rumors, speculations, trash talk and comments about Donald "doughboy" Burton can now be laid to rest. Shame on you all for the things you have said. According to the autopsy report, Donald died instantly of a brain aneurism. The days of wondering are over. May God grant this family peace and comfort at the loss of their son and loved one.

Anonymous said...

i would also like to say donald may have messed up... we all do in one way or another but yes he would give you the shirt of his back... i knew doughboy for 20 years and he helped me more times then i can count... he will be missed...