7:23 AM
Jeffrey Scott Trumbo (mug shot TCSO)

A man from Branson was sentenced to ten years in prison for knowingly infecting a former lover with H.I.V.

Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell says that Jeffrey Scott Trumbo, 42, pleaded guilty to the felony last week.

According to Merrell, the female victim and Trumbo had been in a long-term relationship but had broken up last summer.  The victim told investigators last August that Trumbo then told her he was H. I. V. positive. 

Lab tests later confirmed that the woman had been infected sometime during the relationship and Trumbo was charged with recklessly infecting another with H.I. V. in October.

"Hopefully the Taney County community feels safer knowing that its local law enforcement, including the Taney County Prosecutor’s Office, understands that this is not acceptable behavior, nor do I think the community accepts this kind of behavior," said Merrell.

The prosecutor adds, "This is an unusual crime that has tragic consequences for its victim and this community. Although it is rare that we see this sort of crime, let there be no mistake that we all take it very seriously.”