12:29 PM
Alice Henrietta Huff-Sims
A woman who police arrested last week in Joplin for tyring to sell a baby on Craigslist is in more trouble with the law.

Corporal Chuck Niess says Alice Henrietta Huff-Sims is facing fraud and possible identity theft charges and they need help locating 80 people that Sims may have scammed.

Sims landed on cops radar after a woman alerted them to sale of the baby online.  When undercover cops posing as a couple wanting to buy the baby met with Sims she accepted $200 "as a down payment" for the baby with an additional $200 to be paid at birth.  After she was arrested, Sims told investigators she wasn't pregnant.  Niess says they have dealt with Sims numerous times over the years, "But the baby scam was a new angle for her."

Niess says Sims and her husband, Wilks "Trashcan Billy" Sims, dumpster dive to get peoples personal information like bank account numbers, credit card information and social security numbers.
He was arrested this mornig for Trafficking in Stolen Identities and for Identity Theft.
If your name is on the following list call the Joplin PD @ 417-623-3131 or email wdavis@joplinmo.org

Michael Earl Pinkman
Richard Perkey
Rick Peggram  Jr.
Howard L. Parish
Randy Blehm
Christopher Bricker
Tom Browning
James Buchanan
Ivron Butler
John Honeycutt
Rickey Moore
Richard K. Graham
Randy Riggs
Andrew Carpenter
Wally Holtman
Charles Hilker
Robert Truester
David Hicks
David Helton
Howard Hazley
Christopher E. Harbaugh
Ernest Grovenburg
Robert Ely
Eloy Nunez
Chuck Duncan
Kevin Drake
Dennis J. Donsey
Stephen J. Engleman
Debra Hudson
Andrew C. Burt
Mitchell Callahan
Raymond A.D. Bouray
Melinda Dodson
Raymond G. Keen
Norma Bossart
Wayne Richardson
Michael Howerton
Mitchell D. Heyen
Alisha Charlton
Wanda Rossman
George Curtis
Richard Trotter
Gregg Votaw
Brian Williams
Jason Skaggs
James W. Scrivner
Stephanie Curtis
Donny L. Cain
Ron Duncan
Harrell D. Mayfield
Melissa Randolph
Robert G. Offutt
Donald J. Young
John E. Marlar
John Young
Shawn Bouchard

Sidney L. Tweedy
Michael S. McDonald
Kristopher Kirk
Lea Bonsack
Jim J. Scott
Ronald W. Myers
Perry L. Johnson III
Ben Andreatta
James Thompson
Tommy L. Bolyard
Lehi S. Varela
Kahn W. McLeod
Stephen G. Wisener
David Dodson
James A. Williams
Lori Barton
Logan C. West
Tammy L. West
Ryan Mahler
Diana Ethridge
Linda Lipscomb (Tilley)
Victoria E. Mossman
Shelia D. Mossman
Leona E. Anger
Ashley C. Kerr