4:05 PM

Ahmed Salman Almahuzi
The man who was allegedly speeding December 9th on East St.Louis last week when he lost control of his vehicle and plowed into a Missouri State student walking down the street has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Prosecutors say it was Ahmed Salman Almahuzi, who is also a student at Missouri State, that killed twenty four year-old William McCrear y when his sliver Nissan hit him.

Almahuzi is accused of racing down St. Louis Street to jump the railroad tracks causing the car to go airborne and hit a pair of utility poles so hard it cut one of the in half in the middle.  The scene of the accident  was across the street from Springfield Public Schools Administrative offices (that had previously been home to KSPR.)

Almahuzi, who was trapped inside the vehicle and then hospitalized for several days, is seen wearing a neck brace in his Greene County mug shot.

Almahuzi’s bond has been set at $100,000.00 with several special conditions.  They include not being able to operate a motor vehicle without a valid license, not to consume alcohol or any drug not prescribed by a physician and not to be on the premises of any establishment where alcohol is the primary item for sale.

He must also surrender his passport.