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Christy Weatherford Cole (mug shot OCSO)

A woman from Reeds Spring has been found guilty of second-degree murder and child endangerment for the 2003 death of her three year-old son in Ozark County.

Christy Weatherford Cole was convicted of second-degree murder by a jury in Greene County in 2006 for the beating death of her son William.  However, that conviction was overturned in 2008 when the state appellate court ruled that the jury had not been advised that Cole could have found guilty of a "lesser included offense" of child endangerment.

William Weatherford died several days after being placed on life support after he was thrown across the living room and into a coffee table by Cole's live-in boyfriend, Edward "Mike" Griffin for wanting a drink of pop before eating his dinner.
Edward "Mike" Griffin (mug shot DOC)

Griffin, the former city marshal (police chief) in the Village of Theodosia, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder as his trial was set to begin in May of 2008.  He was sentenced to 15 years in prison where he died of natural causes on January 15, 2010, according to Ozark County Prosecutor Tom Cline.

The two other children who were living in the home at the time are now living with the father and stepmother in Maine.

Cole remains free on bond pending a pre-sentence investigation.


michelle weatherford said...

who gets 15 years for murder? fuck missouri...glad we have the boys and they are safe...the boys stepmom..or should i say MOM

momsgypsy@yahoo.com said...

They should not of let her out of jail to enjoy her life. Will(william) never get to. She sould be put away for life,so she canthink about what happen and all her lies. William's Grandmother,Jeannine

William A Weatherford said...

A man whos swore to service and protect. And a mother whos instinct is to protect.Both took the life of three year old little boy. Why? He wanted a drink before dinner. People like this should NOT be aloud back in to sasitey.


Jeannine Weatherford said...

If you notice the other side of the family did not post anything. Why? Can not believe their daughter could be in on it. I talked to her mother when Christy was living in California with us. I told her that she had be trying to hunt Will (first born). I told you she will not get HELP out in Ca. So the Mother promised me that she would get her Help when she got out to Mo. So what happen when Christy got there not a think. Mother you should feel guilty.
Jeannine Weatherford

Stan said...

His 15 year sentence turned into a death sentence.