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Oscar Nava (CCSO)

An man from Ozark has been charged with felony assault with serious physical injury and armed criminal action for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend’s father over the weekend.

Prosecutor Ron Cleek says Oscar Nava, 26, who had been drinking, was charged for the June 26th incident in which he allegedly stabbed Christopher Bryan Wood, in the abdomen with a 15- to 18-inch serrated bread knife at Nava’s residence at 1788 West Grapevine.

According to the probable cause statement, "Genevie Wood (Jenny) was tending to the injuries Oscar received during the fight with Scott Cornelius. He (Christopher Wood) said he waited outside and Nikki Wood (his wife) entered the residence and sat on the other couch. He said he could hear Oscar getting sarcastic with Nikki and Genevie so he entered the residence and sat in a chair by the front door. Christopher said Oscar got in Nikki's face and continued with the sarcasm. Christopher said he told Oscar to stop and Oscar responded by calling Christopher names like punk and bitch."
Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek

Wood told investigators that Nava then told Wood, "He owed him money and they began to curse at one another."

The fight spilled over into the kitchen where it escalated. At some point Genevie (Jenny) stepped between her boyfriend and her father and Oscar pushed her. According to court records that's when Wood punched Nava in the nose, causing him to fall back into a window, breaking it.

The men scuffled on the floor for a bit before Nava allegedly, "Got up and grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter." Wood told investigators he backed up into the living room and Nava, "Followed him swinging the knife at him." Wood says he was able to restrain Nava on the couch while his daughter attempted to take the knife from her boyfriend. "He (Wood) advised it was at this time he felt a burning feeling in his stomach and realizes he is bleeding excessively."

Wood told detectives he got up and ran out the front door but that Nava followed him and they got into another physical altercation in the carport. Wood says that he was once again able to restrain Nava who began, "Pleading with him to let him go because the cops would put him in jail." Feeling weak from his wounds, Wood let Nava go and he left the residence in a truck.

Ozark police chief Lyle Hodges says Nava was apprehended at a nearby residence.

Wood, who was taken to Cox South Hospital, says he underwent surgery and is in a lot of pain. "I'm hurting, but I'm gonna live."

Nava is also facing charges of third degree domestic assault for an unrelated incident in May. He is being held in the Christian County Jail on $75,000 bond.


Kathee Baird said...

To the person who left the comment on Nava, I approved it, but for some reason it hasn't shown up.

To clarify, all the information in this story was taken from the probable cause statement, which is the offical record.


Malarie Alanis said...

I see. The police report. Just so I'm clear on where you're coming from, now, because something is stated in a police report...that makes it the truth...and nothing but the truth? Is that what you're saying? Police reports are written by people. People, as a whole(as I'm sure you already know) are creatures flaw. Which in turn would mean the things that we do, say and WRITE can also be, flawed. Not to mention that we're overlooking that the police in that county...I believe the state of MO for that matter, chose not to "excercise" Miranda Rights. How reliable can a police report of that maganitude be? In my opinion, not very. Also considering the fact that the police only took a statement from the "victim" and his wife. The victim who is also on parole and probation for a number of things including: drugs, assult and my favorite domestic abuse. Now, how truthful do you think his starement really was...or could have been? I appreciate you addressing my comment even though the comment approval system seems to be conviently, down. But my friend's address where she lives with her SON, is still on your blog...for all the world to see.Would you flash your address around? No. She and I, would appreciate it...if you took her address down. I hope for the sake of blogging(a place where all people express their thoughts and ideals and receive feedback from others) you'll post everyone's responses, including mine. Otherwise, whats really the point in having a blog? =)

Kathee Baird said...

I don't think you understand that the probable cause statement (police report) is an allegation.

When you refer to the victim in the case I assume you mean Jenny.

How do you KNOW that Nava wasn't properly Mirandized? Because he said he wasn't? We'll have to wait until a plea is made, or a trial to conducted to confirm that allegation.

The responding officers talked with several people who were at the house when the alleged assault took place and their stories seemed consistent with the report.

Nava was charged with third-degree domestic assault for allegedly beating his girlfriend up not two weeks before this incident and LSOA in April.

The probable cause statement is public record. Go to the circuit clerk's office in Christian County and get a copy if you would like to verify what we in the media have been reporting.

Have you made the same request of other media outlets that you have of me? You are entitled to believe that it is/was convenient that I was not able to post you and your friend's comment. I assure you if you look through my archives you will see that I pretty much approve any and all of them.

FYI, I not only keep this crime blog, but I am the crime reporter for The Ozarks Sentinel.


Nikki Wood said...

What amazes me is that people who were not even in the SAME STATE claim to know what is going on. My husband is not on probation or parole and NEVER has been for assault or domestic violence. Who deserves to be stabbed? Claiming that Chris isn't a victim is outrageous. If you weren't there don't comment claiming you know so much about the situation. There is no excuse for what happened, Chris could have died and for the first day was in ICU because of fears he would lose his intestine/bowels. He was out of work for 3 weeks, in the hospital for 1, all the while our newborn was in the NICU down the hall struggling with her own problems. We have never made a statement, and until now seeing what Malarie has to say (who is in CA, not in contact with us, hearing information from a 3rd/4th party) I am furious. No one deserves to be stabbed, especially when he was just protecting his daughter.