11:00 AM
Adam E. Henderson

A man from Reeds Spring who pleaded guilty to distributing a controlled substance without a prescription has been sentenced to 120 days "shock time" for distributing prescription medication to a confidential informant for the Stone County Sheriff's Office.

Stone County Prosecutor Attorney Matt Selby says Adam Henderson, 30, met with the confidential informant in a parking lot in Branson West on Christmas Eve last year and sold the CI two Oxycontin pills for $120. The exchange was observed by Stone County Investigator Karl Wagner.
Stone County Prosecutor Matt Selby

Selby says abuse of prescription medication is on the rise and a serious problem.

Judge Alan Blankenship sentenced Henderson to five years in prison, if he successfully completes his "shock time" he will then be placed on probation.
Henderson is facing charges in Taney County; in 2009 with two counts of burglary, fraudulent use of a credit device and trafficking in stolen identities there.