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David "Adam" Teague

FBI agents and authorities from Alabama think they have a fugitive from Kentucky, who is wanted for questioning in connection to a burglary case in Texas County, cornered in in a wooded area behind a Waffle House in Good Hope.

Texas County authorities contacted the Cullman County Sheriff's office yesterday about David "Adam" Teague, 25, who they believe is responsible for the theft of several weapons, including the service revolver of a Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper who was killed in the line of duty.

In addition to the service revolver, rifles, pistols, ammunition and electronics were stolen in the burglary of Jake Floyd's residence on May 6th.

Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson says, "We have one person in custody in connection to the Floyd burglary." Stanley Frillman has been charged with receiving stolen property and three counts of unlawful use of a weapon. "When we went to Frillman's house to arrest him, a man ran out the back door. We believe that man was David Adam Teague. We need to talk to Mr. Teague....we know he has some involvement in the burglary."

Stanley Frillman

"We need to talk to two other other people, a husband and wife (S. C. & T. C) who are major players in the investigation, about the Floyd burglary."

Trooper Donald "Kevin" Floyd was killed on September 22, 2005. Trooper Floyd was working speed enforcement in tandem with one of the Patrol's aircraft, and had stopped an eastbound vehicle for a traffic violation. Trooper Floyd had made contact with the driver of the vehicle and had turned to return to his Patrol vehicle when he was struck by a pickup truck traveling east on U.S. 60.
Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Kevin Floyd

Teague is wanted on a warrant for wanton endangerment of a police officer in the first degree out of Kentucky.

Authorities believe Teague had been staying with an acquaintance in the Cullman County area recently. Authorities spotted Teague there early yesterday (05-19-10) driving a Chevy Trailblazer, with his girlfriend and two small children as passengers. When he realized he was being followed he bailed from the vehicle and ran into the woods on foot with his cell phone. Authorities believe he called someone and was picked up.

Teague abandoned vehicle (courtesy Cullman Times)

Teague's girlfriend was not wanted on any outstanding warrants.

Authorities received a phone call this morning (05-20-10) that Teague was outside the Waffle House in Good Hope. When the deputy pulled in to the parking lot, Teague fled on foot into the woods behind the business. Authorities believe they have Teague boxed in and have help from a police chopper to radio the mans movements to cops on the ground.

There are at least twelve different police agencies involved in the manhunt for Teague.

A nearby school was placed on lock down as a precaution during the manhunt.

Teague has several open case in Oregon County, in 2009 he was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, DWI, two counts of second-degree assault, armed criminal action and resisting or interfering with an arrest. He pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia last year

In 2004 he pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and entered an Alford plea to stealing a motor vehicle.


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Its funny how They assume Adam Teague had something to do with this when they know who stold the products and he wasnt even present when the police officers showed up yet the almost had Scottie and Teresa but instead of hiding they were in plain sight so they ran from the cops. This has gotten crazy yet no one wants to listen from my understanding just because he has a back ground and others run their mouths about lies he did it right?

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Haha , thats my uncle (: