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Five teenagers from Nixa who were facing a combined 49 felony and misdemeanor charges for a crime spree last summer in Christian County have pleaded guilty.

Special prosecutor Bert Twibell says the boys left a car burned and property damage that amounted to about $12,600 in their destructive path. Twibell was appointed special prosecutor because on the the teenagers charged was Dustin Cleek, the son of Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek.

Twibell says he offered the teens two offers in exchange for their guilty pleas. Josiah Babin, Andrew Bagwell, James Bagwell and Coleman Walker took the first option. In exchange for pleading guilty to two felonies, those four boys will serve 10 days in jail, must make full restitution to the victims, complete 500 hours of community service and serve five years of unsupervised probation.

Dustin Cleek, who plead guilty to four misdemeanors, was sentenced today to 10 days behind bars. He also must make full restitution to the victims, complete 500 hours of community service and was placed on two years unsupervised probation. He has also agreed to serve at least three years in the military.

If the teens successfully complete their sentences, their convictions could be expunged from their record.

Formal sentencing for the Babin, the Bagwell's and Walker is set for July 16.


Anonymous said...

this county is so corrupt its laughable this cleek brat was in this thing up to his eyebrows, and gets off with a slap on the hand when will people in this county wise up and get rid of this sack of crap prosecutor, he would throw your kid in the joint for years and years for half of what his punk kid did, count on it

Anonymous said...

kathee do some digging on this case, i have, and the military don't take people with criminal records, so what strings were pulled here, it makes me sick to know of this Prid pro quo rite out in the open, and im the only one that gives a damn

Anonymous said...

i commented on the christian county headliner,and put the same comment that i did here, a quisling named brady (not so) brite deleted it, the nazis over there don't want any conversation about the on going corruption, oh btw mine was the only comment at least for a moment that is, you all in christian county need to call and or email and ask WHY who are they protecting it sure as hell aren't the people

Anonymous said...

i guess you must be connected with this brady ( not so) brite over at the headliner, why else would you censor my post, everything i wrote is the truth, do some journalism and find out for yourself, thats cool i'm about the only one who reads this blog , thats over, the newsleader don't have a problem with it so stick it

Anonymous said...

I truly cannot understand how you think that the ONLY one who chose the military is getting off easy. It seems to me that the other boys took the easy route since they basically get 3 years unsupervised probation and STILL get their records expunged. Hummm... 3 years in the military where you could possibly lose your LIFE or 3 years doin' nothin but NOT contributing to society. I don't know anyone who considers a 3 year commitment to the military as a "slap on the wrist"! BTW- the military has made the statement that they don't take people convicted of felonies (not the misdemeanors that Cleek has). Yeah... BIG strings were pulled (I hope you are catching the sarcasm.)

Anonymous said...

yeah its morons like you that can't see your hand in front of your own face, and if you think this little bastard will have a chance of getting killed in the military your even more stupid than i first thought, the fix is in, and btw get someone to read the case for ya there was 6 felonies in the charges dumbass