11:02 AM
A two year-old boy from Nixa was killed yesterday (04-28-10) when he was run over by his father's pickup truck.

Ozark Police Chief Lyle Hodges says Daniel Goetz, 26, unbuckled his son, Jacobie, from his car seat when he got out of his vehicle at Riverside Heights to talk to a friend. Daniel Goetz told investigators that he heard the emergency brake pop, and saw the truck begin to roll. Goetz says when he opened the truck door to try and stop the vehicle, the little boy fell out and was run over.

A news release from Hodges says the "preliminary investigation" shows Jacobie knocked the vehicle out of gear. Goetz, however, says his son released the parking brake.

Hodges says, "It was a pretty bad deal. We are in the preliminary stages of the investigation...it's appears to be a tragic accident."


Anonymous said...

omg wow thats so sad i feel soo soososososososososo sorry :( wow ...........

Gwyn rippy said...

Thank you for your condolences he was my son its been almost two years