1:28 PM
Andrew James Fuller

A man from Ozark is facing child pornography charges for allegedly sexting with a teen aged girl.
Christian County assistant prosecutor Benjamin Miller charged Andrew J. Fuller, 20, of Ozark, with one count of felony Possession of Child Pornography.

Detective David Southard writes in the probable cause statement that the father and stepfather of a 16 year-old girl came to the Ozark police department on April 06, 2010, to report that she had been receiving nude photos from Fuller on her cell phone.

Southard looked through the phone and found nude photos of the teen and Fuller, who was positively identified through his drivers license. Southard says that during questioning, the suspect denied having sex with the teen, but admitted that he had began sexting and exchanging nude pictures with the victim when she was 15.

Fuller could face additional child pornography charges if any of the girls Southard found nude pictures on Fuller's phone are under 18.


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