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Benton County, Arkansas Prosecutor Van Stone has filed manslaughter charges against a Bella Vista police officer who shot and killed a man during a traffic stop last January.

Stone, says that Coleman Brackney allegedly shot James Ahern six times on Jan. 20 after the man led the officer on a high speed chase. Brackney told investigators that he fired five shots at Ahern because he thought the man was trying to run him down with his car. Brackney says he fired the sixth shot from behind the man when he threw the car in reverse, and he feared for his life.

Coleman Brackney

The probable cause statement reveals a totally different scene than the one that Ahern gave investigators. The officer's dash cam shows Ahern attempting to climb out the back window of his vehicle when Ahern fired the deadly shot. Stone says dash cam video from Ahern's patrol car never shows the reverse lights coming on.

Brackney was fired April 20th after being on paid leave following the shooting.


Anonymous said...

I live in Bentonville Ar. and do a lot of work in Bella Vista Village.
The high speed chase is a bunch of bull.
Bella Vista is a maze of hilly and winding roads. There is really no place in Bella Vista to drive fast enough to call anything high speed.
45 MPH will get you in the ditch.
The Kids car was in the ditch too.
He shot the Kid in the back.
What a true Hero.

Anonymous said...

It's nothing but MURDER! Give the bastard life!

Anonymous said...

Now he's police in sulpher springs. How ignorant they must be. He should never carry a gun. He is spineless.

Anonymous said...

i drive through sulpher springs and the thought of this guy pulling me over is terrifying