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Peter "Pete " Newman

Taney County prosecutor Jeff Merrell says that there have been discussions between his office and the attorney for Peter "Pete" Newman regarding a possible plea deal.

Merrell would not comment on whether the negotiations were for all of the charges which Newman is currently facing in Taney County.

Newman was charged with several alleged sex offenses connected to underage boys who were kampers at Kanakuk Kamp last September. Last month he was arrested on a Colorado warrant for an alleged sexual assault of a minor kamper there as well.

Taney County prosecutor Jeff Merrell

An investigator with the La Plata County, Colorado sheriff's office says that multiple jurisdictions are conducting investigations into Newman and his involvement with underage boys connected to his employment with the Christian based youth camp.

Newman, who is being held in the Taney County jail on the Colorado warrant, is scheduled to appear in court March 4, 2010. Merrell says "it will be announced at that time if there is any resolution to the case."

If Newman does plead guilty to the charges, sentencing is usually scheduled for about six weeks later.

Newman will not be formally charged with the Colorado crime until he is extradited and appears before a judge there.


Anonymous said...

Good. It's about time. However, they had better be VERY CAREFUL not to ever allow him back out on the streets. Never.

Anonymous said...

The judge in this case needs to weigh very heavily that there are numerous victims within the known charges. There are many more in the charges that have yet to come in Missouri, not to mention many more states. There are many more victims whose families have chosen not the report. Then, there are bound to be those children who are still carrying about this secret.

The judge needs to realize what a rockstar this guy was to 100s of kids and that this is way more wide-spread than what just meets the eye.

CONSECUTIVE sentences for these crimes is the only thing this community should accept from our judges.

Minimal, concurrent sentencing would be a huge travesty for all these fine families.

Anonymous said...

I agree Pete should be locked up for the rest of his life. However, the law is tricky and the prosecutor, judge, or jury needs to have sufficient evidence to make a case for life in prison here. The investigators, police, and prosecutors need to do their jobs or justice won't be served - and it won't have anything to do with a jury or judge making the wrong call. There has to be evidence. They need more people to come forward. Although Pete's behavior may be more widespread than what is being initially reported, the court needs proof. It's the law and sometimes it really stinks. But that's the law. Having unheard cases of abuse will not help serve justice.

Anonymous said...

I realize that this man did some horrific things or so the testimonials speak. I, however, do not see it a fit punishment, although understanding the devastating decisions he has done, to recommend a life term. Such things to me seem to be beyond the scope of reality. What most people should understand is that we have already convicted him to a life of constant scrutiny and pain. I see no reason to force him to live with a life sentence in a jail cell. IT would be much more warranted to allow him to try and live as a divorced, ex-felon, child molester, for his life will be just as much a living hell. I don't see why we waste too much money on incarcerating him since he won't be doing much living when he leaves anyway. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The prison time serves two purposes. Punishment and determent. I think the latter is what's important in this case.

Anonymous said...

Well, you MUST be his family member, b/c who else on earth would want him out?

While he would be under intense scrutiny if he was released, would the innocent little children down at the park be scutinizing him? Would their mommies? Would the pre-adolescent boys at the Y know he's a pedophile? Would the kid in the bathroom?

C'mon people! The point is to PROTECT children from the most amazing con artist ever! He's good. He'll always be good. He'll always have this sick craving for little kids.

Stop thinking about HIM and HIS feelings! Who really cares anymore? He's scum.

Protect is own daughter, nieces and nephews!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks it is a waste of money to lock him up and keep him there is not thinking. It's for the protection of all of us. We should be protected from him. He is dangerous. He is a SERIAL PEDOPHILE and that is very very dangerous!!!!!! We need to be responsible. When these types get out, they ALWAYS RE-OFFEND!